Nokia N97 vs. Samsung i8910 camera, revisited

To followup on my first impressions, I’ve taken full sets of pictures and made additional videos with both the Nokia N97 and the Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD)

N97 sample pictures (slide show):

i8910 sample pictures (slide show):

My takeaway? Both cameras are great!

The N97 features better optics and better image processing (more detail), while the i8910 features a better sensor (less noise) and better video recording (except for audio, which is apparently limited to AMR).

The i8910 lacks auto-rotation (?) and a lens cover, while the N97 lacks HD (720p @ 24 fps) and slow/fast motion video recording.

N97 sample video (download original):

i8910 sample video (download original):

Update: Below is Matt’s lovely i8910 sample video.


4 Responses to Nokia N97 vs. Samsung i8910 camera, revisited

  1. Gate says:

    I vote for the N97.

  2. JonnyBruha says:

    Colors look more natural in the i8910’s still, but that audio is still atrocious in the video. Still, it’s cool to see the full size HD video on YouTube, recorded from a freakin’ phone.

  3. […] della foto/videocamera dei due terminali. In questo caso ci viene in aiuto Myriam aka TnkGrl che nel suo blog ha pubblicato diverse prove di scatto fotografico e una coppia di prove di ripresa video realizzate con N97 e […]

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