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Unboxing the Amazon Kindle DX

Today I received an Amazon Kindle DX to review from the folks at Amazon… And I like it so far!

See, I dismissed the original Kindle, in part because of its quirky industrial design (I’m fickle), in part because of its silly DRM (not to mention, lack of PDF support), and in part because it was too large for a mobile device, yet the screen was too small for a lot of content.

Amazon remedied most of this with the Kindle DX, while adding even more features (like an accelerometer). Here are some unboxing pictures and a video. Enjoy :)

2 thoughts on “Unboxing the Amazon Kindle DX Leave a comment

  1. Woah, it’s huge!

    Great size for reading though. Kinda reminds me of those TNG tablet things (Star Trek)

  2. This looks pretty awesome. The first Kindle also was a fizzle for me (no PDF???!!). But I’m really hoping the DX has the features I need. From the unboxing it certainly looks more compelling than the first Kindle.

    I’ll be waiting for your take on performance, handling, and PDF support. Cheers and thanks!

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