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Life with the Nokia E75

OK, I admit it! I’m totally hooked…

I’ve been using the sexy red Nokia E75 on and off for 3 months and I’m still madly in love. In fact, I’ve been procrastinating about returning it – it’s going back this week, I promise :)

So far I’ve unboxed it, shared my first impressions, and reviewed the camera. Without a doubt, the E75 is one of the best non-touch smartphones on the market today, one of my favorite Nokia devices (up there with the N95), and my favorite Eseries to date.

Check out my summary video.

– Premium look & feel
– Small, thin, and solid
– QWERTY keyboard
– 3G (tri-band), WiFi, GPS, and accelerometer
– Good 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus, macro, and LED flash
– 30 fps VGA video recording
– Dedicated 2-stage camera button
– Awesome battery life (one week standby)
– Full Bluetooth support (including ObEx, DUN, and A2DP)
– Full USB 2.0 and micro-SD support
– Dual charging (USB & standard Nokia power connector)
– Standard 3.5 mm audio connector
– Nice new messaging software
– iSync support

– Small (yet bright) 2.4″ QVGA screen
– No lens cover
– Stiff D-pad
– No dedicated power/profile button
– No dedicated key lock switch
– No video output
– No gapless music playback

The verdict? The E75 is an exceptionally well-rounded phone, and I absolutely recommend it.

Thanks again to Molly at Nokia Blogger Relations for the extended loan.

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  1. Thanks for the nice review. I have a question though. Has Nokia put a high resolution video OUT on this or any E-series? For a business-oriented series of phones I am disappointed that I cannot use it to show my PowerPoint presentations on the road. I end up carrying a USB flash drive (and I tend to lose little things) and a Windows Mobile PDA for my backup. My N95 had TV out but the quality was poor and my E71 does not have it at all.

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