Nokia X6 and Nokia N97 mini hands on

Tonight over dinner with a friend from the Symbian Foundation, I briefly played with the Nokia X6 and the Nokia N97 mini which were recently announced at Nokia World! Here are my first impressions…

– Nokia X6: It’s definitely my favorite of the 2. Finally, a Nokia device with a capacitive touchscreen – woohoo :) The X6 is mega sexy, and thinner than it looks in pictures. The camera appears to be identical to the one in the N97 (i.e. up to my standards). There’s no micro-SD card slot, but the speakers sound fantastic.

– Nokia N97 mini: It’s a lot nicer than I expected, especially the metal battery cover and laser-etched Nokia logo. The N97 mini is visibly smaller than the N97, but feels like more of a premium phone. The firmware features kinetic scrolling throughout, a welcome addition. Overall, the name tells most of the story.

I’ll be reviewing all this tasty Nokia goodness soon enough… But in the meantime, check out my pictures!


2 Responses to Nokia X6 and Nokia N97 mini hands on

  1. Eva says:

    Please review the Mini soon…. I´m really in love with it… :D ;)

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