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Fixing a scratched lens with a floppy disk

Tonight I was inspired by Micky Aldridge (not Ricky Cadden, as I said in the video – my apologies to both), who wrote about Nokia finally acknowledging the N97 scratched lens problem, which I’ve experienced myself.

I used Micky’s tutorial on replacing the N97 lens cover to fix the scratched lens on my N97 review unit with a MacGyver-esque hack involving a floppy disk :)

If you’re thinking WTF, watch my video! No matter what, don’t try this at home, unless you’re OK voiding your warranty…


hacking, N97, Nokia, Video

6 thoughts on “Fixing a scratched lens with a floppy disk Leave a comment

  1. Hi,

    Thats a pretty clever fix thanks for making the video :)

    I am wondering how your camera lens is now 6 months on? Any problems with dust etc?


    • This was a temporary measure. Nokia eventually fixed the problem with a new part…

      Several weeks later I ordered this new part and replaced my hacked part with it!

      No problems with the lens.

  2. I just got my n97 back from repair for this scratching problem and its starting to scratch again. I dont think they used the new part :/

    Can the general public buy this part?

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