Exclusive: Nokia Booklet 3G hands on

This afternoon, I attended an exclusive hands on preview of the Nokia Booklet 3G premium netbook mini-laptop here in San Francisco…

I’ve been wanting to play with the Booklet 3G since it was announced at Nokia World, and after using it a little today, I’m suitably impressed!

Take a look at my pictures, and jump to my video and first impressions after the break.

What’s hot:
– Gorgeous design & solid build
– Light & thin aluminum “unibody” (19.9 mm/0.78″)
– Spacious 10″ glass display (1280×720 pixels)
– Built-in 3G & GPS (hot-swappable SIM)
– Bluetooth 2.1 & WiFi b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
– Battery lasts 12 hours
– Fan-less cooling
– Excellent keyboard
– Decent trackpad (2-finger scrolling)
HDMI output, audio connector (in/out), & 3 USB ports
– SDHC card slot, webcam (1.3 MP), & accelerometer
– Lid opens almost flat

What’s not:
– Atom Z530 CPU & GMA 500 GPU (1.6 GHz)
– Only 1 GB RAM (soldered on motherboard)
– Lack of storage options (120 GB hard drive)
– No 5 GHz WiFi a/n

Pricing is $599 (unlocked, hopefully) or $299 on contract (locked to AT&T), and availability is October 22 – I think that’s too expensive (especially the subsidized cost).

I hope to have a review unit soon, so stay tuned :)


12 Responses to Exclusive: Nokia Booklet 3G hands on

  1. […] has had her hands on the Booklet 3G (the blue version), and she filmed it for our viewing pleasure. Highlights for her include the ‘gorgeous design & solid build’, and the […]

  2. Nokia Booklet 3G Caught on Video says:

    […] and it is not known yet if the netbook is unlocked for use on other networks. Our old friend Tnkgrl got to spend some time with the Booklet 3G and was obviously impressed with the system. Check out her video to see just […]

  3. jkahan says:

    Is the GPS real, or just wifi proximity? I have read a couple of conflicting reports.

  4. […] tnkgrl got to spend some time with the Nokia Booklet 3G and to hear her tell it, she is “suitably impressed.”  She lays out some specs and has put up a short video so go see what she has to say. Intriguingly disappointing that the 1GB of RAM is soldered onto the motherboard so there’s no chance of upgrading memory on these early models. […]

  5. Croosing my fingers that it is truly unlocked… for my benefit as well as Nokia’s!


  6. […] over to the original post at tnkgrl.com to see what she does and doesn’t like about the […]

  7. […] better article.  So instead of me wasting anymore of your time, why don’t you jump over to tnkgrl Mobile to see her awesome pics and […]

  8. […] ultime ore il sito Tnkgrl ha potuto il Booklet 3G nella sua versione […]

  9. […] die Aufstockung des RAM doch zu den ersten Amtshandlungen nach dem Netbook-Kauf. Die Kollegin Tnkgrl hat sich das Gerät während einer Vorschau-Veranstaltung näher ansehen können und schildert uns […]

  10. […] Hands-On-Video zum neuen Nokia Booklet 3G veröffentlicht. Unter anderem vergleicht die Autorin Tnkgrl darin das neue Netbook mit schon erhältlichen Geräten anderer Hersteller. Doch eine Info im Video […]

  11. i actually like the looks of it. if it can play flashvideo/has a reasonably decent webcam i might be interested. mainly for the 3g and hdmi – that is a useful couple of things for me.

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