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Unboxing the Motorola Droid, part 2

Sure, the Motorola CLIQ and HTC Hero are very nice, and the HTC Magic and T-Mobile G1 are pretty good, but this phone takes Android to a whole new level!

You’re looking at HAL 9000 the Motorola Droid, the first Android device with 2.0 (Eclair) and a 848×480 pixel screen – possibly the slimmest (and hottest) QWERTY slider ever designed…

Feast your eyes on my unboxing pictures, and if you’re still hungry for more, check out my unboxing video :)

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  1. Want. Thanks for the awesome pics, especially the comparisons. I’ve been reading great things about the screen, but it does seem to make it a rather larger device. Is the flat keyboard as annoying as the reviewers are saying? Are the size and weight too much, or is it worth it for the keyboard and screen size?

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