Unboxing the Sony Ericsson C905a

Another day, another unboxing :)

I was recently offered to test the second subsidized 8-megapixel cameraphone in the US, the Sony Ericsson C905a – the first being the Samsung T929 (Memoir), one of my favorite devices this year.

Of course, being slightly obsessed with mobile photography and rather fond of those quirky Nordic devices, I accepted!

The C905a is the successor to the wonderful Sony Ericsson K850i, which was my primary phone for some time.

It ditches the K850i’s candybar design in favor of a slider layout, uses a larger screen (2.4″ instead of 2.2″), looses the dual-format card slot (now only M2, not also micro-SD), and adds GPS & WiFi.

Unfortunately, WiFi is disabled in AT&T’s firmware and can only be enabled by debranding the phone…

Although feature-wise, the C905a is similar to the Nokia N86 8MP, it is not a smartphone. It trumps the N86 with a Xenon flash, but lacks the OLED display and the standard ports (mini-USB & 3.5 mm audio).

Stay tuned as I compare the C905a camera to the Memoir and the N86 – in the meantime, here are my unboxing pictures and unboxing video.


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  1. Hey tnkgrl, stumbled across your site via Google while searching for camera phone info. Thanks for the great blog and very informative videos, nice to find another T-Mobile camera phone buff. I have a unlocked Sony Ericsson K790a I use on T-Mobile which I love, but it’s pretty beat up at this point and want to upgrade… but I’d rather not go to AT&T and want Wi-Fi and would prefer T-Mobile 3G compatibility… maybe I should just get an N900! Looking forward to an 8MP shootout!

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