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Podcast: Talking with Matt #18 (Android special)

It’s time for another podcast (25 min) with Matthew Bennett:
Audio version
Video version

This week was all about Android – the T-Mobile G1, the HTC Magic, the HTC Hero, the Motorola CLIQ, and of course the Motorola Droid.

We also discussed the Nokia N900, the Nokia N86, the Samsung Memoir, the Palm Pre, BlackBerry 9630 (Tour), the Sony Ericsson C905a and a few other things.

As a bonus, enjoy the lovely view from Bernal Heights :)

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14 thoughts on “Podcast: Talking with Matt #18 (Android special) Leave a comment

  1. Another great episode!

    – I watch the beginning, background it, and then flip back if I hear something like “take a look at this new device”
    – mobile phone as vidcam is fine by me
    – 20-30min is optimal

    What’s up with the Norcalbarney headshake when Tnkgrl says “the N86 is a smartphone” :D

    It should be easier to switch phones. More data in the cloud!!!

    And I honestly don’t get the love of touch screens. I like them for the larger screen sizes it makes available, but I still find the interfaces slow and less exact than their keyed counterparts.

  2. I watch it all. But I don’t need closeups of the devices. And thanks to both of you for doing this. It’s a great feature.

  3. Hi!

    please dont use camera phones to record the podcast since quality will drop to an unbearably low level.

    20-30 minutes are fine

  4. Hey.

    I love your podcasts and i always watch them 2 or 3 times from the beginning to the end. Maybe i´m not right in the head? ;-)

    Seriously, lenghth is great, close-ups are cool (sometimes the sun is a bit disturbing, but wtf) and everything seems to be reviewed as objective as possible.

    Greets from Germany.


  5. Sup guys! I think that 20-30 minutes is great. You only do reviews every couple of weeks and I always look forward to them. I like how you guys speak your mind and don’t hold back. Closeups of the phones aren’t necessary but as long as we see it, I’m cool with that.

    I’d like to see you guys film a shoot sometime. Looks like fun.

  6. This and the N900 podcasts are the first podcasts of any sort that I’ve been able to stand for more than 3 minutes. So that means I really like it. I think about 20 minutes is the longest I could imagine really being into, but I’d be even more likely to sit through a 5-10 minute segment. I wouldn’t listen to a just audio presentation.

    The closeups don’t work in direct sunlight.

    Over 45 minutes of podcast and I’m no closer to deciding between an N900 or waiting for a gsm Android 2.0 device for Tmobile. (though what I would really love would be an n79 with 1700 mhz)

  7. I think that you both doing a very good job,love your podcasts and video(I watch the whole video).
    keep up the good work,your perspective on mobile phones in very unique, I read a lot of reviews but none of them are like yours.

  8. I think between 15-20 minutes is about right. I enjoy the podcasts and also watch the whole the segment without backgrounding it (almost :).

    Closeups not really necessary. If you switch the video please make sure it’s high quality, that’s one of the things I like about these segments, beautiful clarity (sorry Matt).

    Definitely appreciate hearing what you like and don’t like about the devices. Any cool tips or tricks on them would be a nice add.

    Keep’em coming!

  9. Mobile phone vid is OK as long as it’s on a tripod. The new generation of phones have OK video.

    As far as closeups, not important. I want your opinions on actual use of the phones.

    15-20 mins is good.

  10. I actually only listen to the audio version of the podcast, downloaded straight to the phone via Podcasting application – yes I do own a S60 phone.
    I have checked a couple of the videos and I guess you could record it with a mobile phone without any bad side effects to the quality of your videocast if that would make your life easier.
    20min is a good lenght.

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