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Unboxing the HP Mini 311

Hot on the heels of the Motorola Droid, the friendly people at Verizon sent me an HP Mini 311-1037NR review unit!

It’s a netbook with an Intel Atom N270 processor, NVIDIA ION graphics, and an 11.6″ screen. Of particular interest to me is the Gobi radio from Qualcomm (built-in WWAN) which supports both EVDO and EDGE/HSDPA networks…

The Mini 311 is rather large for a netbook – even the Acer Aspire 1410, a regular notebook with a similar price, yet more powerful hardware, is slightly smaller and thinner. I recently wrote:

I think current netbooks are too big and bloated – 11.6″ screens and full keyboards are great but how about smaller packaging? To me, older netbooks with 9″ screens are still the ideal in terms of system size and weight.

Take a look at my unboxing pictures, and stay tuned for some mods – contrary to the Sony VAIO P, the Mini 311 already features a SIM slot, so enabling GSM/UMTS is only a matter of hacking the software :)

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  1. Random question.
    How does the N900 alert you of a message. Email, IM or SMS. Does it have a dedicated light for it?

  2. Unfortunately HP uses the Birdstep licensed 3G connection manager like Acer so the GPS function on the WWAN card can’t be enabled unlike the Dells, Sonys, Panasonics and Levenos that use the same WWAN card but use the Smith Micro licensed (Except Panasonic which looks to be done in-house) 3G connection manager

    I sure wish someone would make an app to enable the GPS for Acers and HPs. Best I’ve done so far is enable the GPS but not the NMEA port stream. (On an Acer One AO531h)

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