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Unboxing the Nokia Booklet 3G

It’s almost been 2 weeks since the Nokia Booklet 3G landed in my dirty little hands – blame the Google Nexus One for stealing the show!

So, what about Nokia’s premium netbook mini-laptop? As I already mentioned in my hands on, the Booklet 3G looks gorgeous…

Battery life is truly amazing – I’ve only charged it once, and used it for about 6 hours so far with WiFi and/or 3G (broken up into 1-2 hour sessions, 1-2 days apart, including several reboots), and the battery is still about 1/4 full.

But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns :) The Booklet 3G is locked to AT&T, whether purchased on contract ($199) or not ($599). Fortunately, the built-in Option Globetrotter GTM382 MO40x 3G module can be unlocked (cost me about $23), but don’t expect 3G support on T-Mobile USA.

It’s also pretty slow, but perhaps Windows 7 Starter is to blame?

My Sony VAIO P, which I’ve downgraded to Windows XP Professional, feels faster yet features the same architecture as the Booklet 3G (fanless Intel Atom Z, 4200 rpm 1.8″ PATA hard drive), albeit with a lower clock speed (1.33 GHz vs 1.6 GHz) and more RAM (2 GB vs. 1 GB).

I’ll keep you posted as I continue exploring the Booklet 3G, but for now, here are my unboxing pictures and video:

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  1. The build quality of this device is amazing. Its really really bogged down by the poor performance. I really wanted to get it but I don’t see the point. Would you recommend it despite all that? Great vid :)

    • I think it’s worth it today for the battery life alone, if you want to be truly mobile and are only using the web. Hopefully, the price comes down a little, and it runs faster with Windows XP, making it even easier to recommend.

    • @anphase Really? I checked this out at a local Best Buy and as excited as I was about this (I was thinking i would be leaving with one), I was really, really disappointed and surprised with the build quality. It felt very ‘plasticy’ and cheap. Maybe the next release will be better.

    • The memory is not upgradable. Sound quality is fine. I don’t have any problems using the keyboard.

      What’s an “easy adapter”? Do you mean AC adapter?

  2. Live in Canada bought $599 Booklet3G on trip to California last Dec.
    How can I unlock it here. Can not describe the frustration this unmentioned problem has been for me.
    Must confess newness to computers, one of the reasons I liked this one was the battery duration 10 to 12hrs.

    Am so glad to have found your oh so interesting site!

    • Follow the link I provided in my post for unlocking… Download the software (DC unlocker) – it’s free. Buy unlock credits for the Option Globetrotter GTM382 MO40x, and follow the instructions!

  3. have you attempted win xp install on the nokia booklet 3g? I did a dual boot which went okay but no driver for the embedded modem.

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