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Unboxing the Google Nexus One

Today is my birthday, the perfect day to get my very own Google Nexus One :) Was it worth all the speculation, hype, and scoops? You bet – the Nexus One is the new benchmark of the phone world!

Sure, the Nokia N900 features a better camera, the Motorola Droid a physical keyboard, the Apple iPhone 3GS more applications, the Palm Pre a nicer user experience. But after using the Nexus One for just a few hours, it’s clear to me that it’s a milestone device…

Despite the lack of physical keyboard and dedicated camera key, the Nexus One is first phone with Android 2.1, a 3.7″ 800×480 pixel capacitive OLED screen, and world roaming – not to mention a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and 512 MB RAM.

Consider this: I purchased this device instead of getting a review unit :) Still not convinced? Maybe my unboxing pictures and video will take you over edge:

Update: Check out my camera review.

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  1. Happy birthday n congrats for new phone. Expecting a detailed review soon. Here in india the Superphone has created more hype than iphone all gen and nokia 5800. So want to see if it’s worth that hype. See ya.

  2. Thanks for staying on point with your opinions of the phone. After reading the Gizmodo and Engadget reviews, i almost think they banded together to completely rip this phone apart in the media. Maybe they’re trading their reviews for an exclusive view of the new iPhone, who knows, but it’s startling. I ordered the phone, and the more i use it, the more i look at their reviews and wonder what phone they’re talking about.

  3. Hey nice unboxing of the N1. I love my Nexus One. Oddly enough I have noticed it is missing a few things, Dialer, Timer, etc, but find the overall experience is unparalleled. I liked my iPhone 3GS when I had it, but Android provides a much better over phone experience as opposed to a media tool. I do miss having the Call and End buttons on the bezel like the My Touch 3G, but I am sure I will get used to working without them. I liked these added quick shortcut buttons for making quick calls or accessing my address book or call log. Either way, Google will continue to improve upon Android, so not too much of a biggie.

  4. Shoot, I didn’t know it was your birthday yesterday – happy birthday! I’m really enjoying my Nexus One after just two days also. Taking me some getting used to (thanks to using an iPhone for 2.5 years) but it’s a snappy device. Not perfect, but then again, no handset is. Have fun! :)

  5. I was so bummed when I missed out twice on big discounts on the N900. Well thank God I did. I ordered N1 on the first day. It is awesome. I have no problems with the keyboard or snapping photos with the trackball or on screen button. Great 3G speed in the ATL. When I pick up an iPhone now, it seems like a clunky old relic.

  6. Hi tnkgrl! Great blog and happy belated Birthday! You had talked up the N900 alot. With some personal experience with the phone do you still feel that this is a big advance over the N900?

    • The N900 is still quite a worthy device. The camera is better, the OS is a lot more hacker-friendly. The lack of capacitive screen and Twitter integration are my only major gripes.

      But the Nexus One is a more balanced package overall. It’s more accessible and definitely sexier. Android has a lot more traction in the marketplace, which means better support and more apps.

      Either way you’re getting a great computer in your pocket, err I mean phone :)

      • Thanks for the response. I was still debating which one I should go with, but with your input combined with the announcements for the upcoming Nexus One releases for all the major US carriers and the recent updates I took the plunge and bought the nexus one. It’s very cool and I’m very pleased with my purchase.

        Thanks tnkgrl!!

  7. After using the nexus one for about a week now, I have the impression that it is a very well rounded package. It is fast and sexy with many easy to learn usability functions. Many people compare the user interface to the iPhone because they’re used to it. But after using android for a few hours I realize that I get used to it very easily and the functions are rich.
    Pro: speed, screen, voice activated navigation (just push search and say navigate to nearest…) with real-time traffic, turn by turn and very importantly non-drm-os!
    Cons: no flash integration for browser yet and trackball could have a little more resistance.

    We’ll see which features will be added in the next weeks… good voip hopefully!

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