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Pictures taken with the Motorola Devour

The Motorola Devour shares most of the features of the Motorola CLIQ except the camera, which is downgraded from a competent 5 megapixel unit with autofocus to a terrible 3 MP unit devoid of AF.

It’s possible to make a reasonable 3 megapixel camera without autofocus – see the Sony Ericsson TM717 (Equinox). So what’s wrong here?

Beyond looking underexposed, the resulting pictures lack detail and the colors are muted (slide show).

I think some of this can be fixed with a firmware update, but I also suspect that the lens is optimized for portraits (i.e. it can only focus on subjects about 2-3 feet away) .

The Devour fares better than the CLIQ for video recording, with 640×480 pixels (VGA resolution) at about 24 fps.

Here is a sample video (download original):

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  1. Found your blog in the usual roundabout way the Internet takes us…In my case, Androidandme > Comments > Person linking to your Twitter stream > here. Good blog! I’m an Android user and came here to read your thoughts on the cameras of various smartphones. By the way…I’m assuming this was taken in a coffee shop, but what is that thing in the forefront?

  2. Wow thats pretty decent photography capability that device is packing. Or at least the photo of the coffee device looks cool anyway. I guess i’m comparing it to the iphone so maybe its not as good as nokias.

    The video is not too bad either. Not stellar but not bad.

    Does it get any cmos wavyness if you move it faster?

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