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Unboxing the HTC EVO 4G, part 1

Move over HTC Incredible, the HTC EVO 4G is here!

Take the Incredible, replace the 3.7″ OLED screen with a massive 4.3″ TFT screen (same 800×480 pixel resolution), add 4G (WiMax), HD video recording (720p), HDMI ouput, a front-facing camera (1.3 megapixel), and a kickstand – that’s the EVO 4G…

It’s almost the perfect device. The only thing missing is an unlocked GSM radio for 3G (instead of CDMA) – that and 4G service in San Francisco.

Check out my initial unboxing pictures (slide show) and video:

Anyway, you’ll excuse me now – I’ve got a superphone to attend to :)

Update: Enjoy part 2 (with first impressions and more), and my camera review.

4 thoughts on “Unboxing the HTC EVO 4G, part 1 Leave a comment

  1. Just a thought- why would you compare it to the Incredible instead of the HD2? These have much more in common (hardware-wise) IMHO

    Nice video though :)

    • Actually, no… The HD2 only shares the screen and processor with the EVO 4G. The Incredible shares the processor, camera, radio (CDMA) and operating system (Android 2.1 with Sense), as well as a similar industrial design (black outside and red inside). Not to mention, I currently have an Incredible floating around, but no HD2!

      Check out part 2.

  2. BestBuy told me they are not charging the extra $10 in Denver until the 4G is up and running.

    Sprint told me that the Android 2.2 update will be available in JULY. So about a month after it comes out.

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