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Pictures taken with the Nokia 5230 (Nuron)

While the Nokia 5230 (Nuron) is a basically a Nokia 5800 on a spec diet, it features Nokia’s best 2 megapixel fixed-focus camera to date!

The resulting pictures (slide show) are quite lovely for a low-end camera, with good color balance and exposure…

Low-light performance is better than the 5800 (which suffered in this area), and the sensor appears to be limited by the optics and the lack of auto-focus/macro (it’s usually the other way around).

There’s auto-rotation, geo-tagging, and a dedicated shutter button – all nice to have – and the Nuron surprises with decent VGA (640×480) video recording at 30 fps.

Here is a sample video (download original):

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  1. In the category of fixed focus phone snappers, the 5230’s 2 MP camera is by far the best I’ve ever used and quick!
    Great color and handles contrast well with moderate low light ability.
    The video, even more of a surprise.
    The GPS? Works like a champ.
    Yes, it does have the so-so resistive screen though to be fair, it’s one of the best resistive screens on any phone/PDA ever.
    I’ve had the Nuron (T-Mo’s version) for a bit and have found it to be a good device for the price.
    If you’re going to purchase a Nuron and you live outside of T-Mo 3G coverage, don’t.
    While almost every good SW aspect of having S60 V5 is maintained the ability to tweak the communications settings to turn off 3G when not present is blocked.
    This crushes the battery in short order regardless any other changes to the power profile.
    Now being able to upgrade the firmware would do wonders (it’s currently a custom version type RM-593) but you cannot do that unless you bust the product code setting which voids any T-Mo support and while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing it’s a decision an owner must knowingly make.
    Couple Firmware issues with no WiFi or TV-out and you’ve another Mexican Nova on your hands.
    The X6 is showing up unlocked for at or under $300, it seems like the better option though if you can live with a 5230, two could be had for the price of one X6.

    One final note, the 5230 would have been the killer device….
    for 2000, maybe up to 2003 during the heyday of the iPaq.

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