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Unboxing the Palm Pre Plus, GSM version

OK, I admit it: I have a soft spot for WebOS! I also much prefer GSM devices, so ever since I picked up the original Palm Pre a year ago, I have been secretly jonesing for a GSM version.

Well I recently acquired a Palm Pre Plus, GSM version. It was locked to AT&T, but not for very long :) Unfortunately, it only supports 3G on the 850/1900 MHz bands (mostly prevalent in the US/Canada) but is quad-band for 2G…

The differences between the Pre Plus and the Pre are few. The Pre Plus is missing the physical button in the gesture area below the screen, and instead operates just like the Palm Pixi Plus.

There’s also double the built-in storage (16GB) and RAM (512 MB) compared to the Pre. Build quality of the Pre Plus is improved – the slider exhibits none of the side-to-side play present on the Pre.

In this day and age of superphones, the screen feels a bit cramped, and the camera remains limited (mostly for lack of auto-focus), but the Pre Plus is still a surprisingly capable device despite being basically a year old design.

Nonetheless, I really hope Palm is working on some WebOS superphones. Until these materialize, enjoy my Pre Plus unboxing pictures (slide show) and video:

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  1. Do you know if it’s just dualband 3G inside the US and triband outside?

    Getting conflicting answers from Google.

    • As I mentioned, this model is dual-band 3G (1900/850 MHz). There is also another version of the Pre (for Europe) which is also dual-band 3G (2100/900 MHz).

  2. what is likely to happen with the acquisition of Palm by HP? Is it being “rescued”? How do you think this will effect the service and development of PALM products?
    Also, I have been a Palm user for many years and have many pages/files of data on my Palm Treo.. can it all be transferred into the Pre plus? How does that work?
    Thanks Steve

  3. I just ordered the Palm Pre Plus and planning to unlock it to use with T-Mobile USA. Is the phone usable on EDGE or would you recommend I go to AT&T with this phone?

    • It’s sloooowwww. WebOS, like any modern smartphone OS is data intensive. Waiting for data is frustrating, and detracts significantly from the experience.

      • Well, although that’s not what I hoped your answer would be, thanks for the information. I’ll let you know if I have any additional feedback after I get the device.

        P.S. I’m particularly impressed with your attention to detail (my spelling of sloooowwww)

        Thanks for your insights into mobile.

    • The link is down right now, but I think it’s a typo. I don’t see Palm changing the radio this late in the game, on a device that’s basically at the end of its life.

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