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Unboxing the Motorola Droid X, part 1

Feast your eyes, little monkeys – I have a Motorola Droid X review unit, thanks to the lovely people at Verizon!

Expect some pictures soon, but for now take a look at my unboxing video (above) and my first power on video (after the break)…

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  1. I am an iPhone 3G user with a contract running out in a month. For many reasons, I will be going Android, and am very interested in how the battery for EVO and DroidX compare to my iPhone 3G’s battery.

    Can you conduct a test where each is put through the same rigors? I haven’t seen much battery comparison published anywhere.

    Keep up the great work!

    (BTW, I am in a Sprint 4G area)

    • All of these devices pretty much have to be charged daily. In my experience so far, the Droid X appears to be marginally better than the EVO 4G but both are slightly worse than the iPhone 3G.

      • the droid x is way better than iphone 3g it has twice the prossesor power 5 more megapixel camera , hd video recording hdmi . so how can you even compare iphone 3g or 4g to the droid x

        • The Droid X is definitely better than the iPhone 3G!

          Speaking of which, look out for my upcoming iPhone 4 vs. Droid X camera review: basically the iPhone 4 wins for video, but the Droid X wins for pictures…

    • Battery life on the Droid X is said to blow other smartphones out of the watter. However, using it like a normal phone aka texting and using the internet multiple times through the day, it will last you about a full work day. From wake up to home arrival.

  2. i am disappointed with the camera of the droid x. Would You recommend the droid x or htc incredible. I have two more months until i can get a new phone and contract. The droid x biggest thing that makes me crave it is the screen size but back to the question which phone would you recommend the incredible or x

    • i forgot to mention but you probably have gather this i am on the Verizon network and any new phone would be nice because i am coming off the env2 and I would like to have to keypad for next phone.

    • I have the droid x and it is better than the incredible by far . the camera by the way on the droid x is better . the droid x has a hdmi port on it so you can hook it up to tv . when it gets the 2.2 update you will be able to use the droid x as a mobile hotspot which allows you to access the internet on other devices like laptop using your phone .

  3. @tnkgrl- i’m trying to decide between the X and the incredible, I just ordered the X but i’m worried about not recieving the 2.2 update as well as rumored motorola bloatware. Could you clear this up?

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