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Feature: Cutting SIMs, changing APNs, and mobile freedom


It’s here – the first in a regular series of features! Check out my first post on Engadget, about cutting SIMs, changing APNs, and mobile freedom…

Then listen to Chris Ziegler and I on the Engadget Mobile podcast, usually recorded live every Friday at 4:30 PM ET, and posted every Saturday :)

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  1. Nice article tnkgrl – congratulations.

    Have you had a chance to play with the Samsung Galaxy S yet? I tried one out today in an Optus (Australia) store today and was mighty impressed. Very speedy and light.

  2. Myriam, I’m just giddy every time I listen to you and Chris geek out together! You are doing an awesome job and your first feature was classic tnkgrll : brilliantly explained such that those like me who are a little faint of heart when it comes to hackery, have a stronger heart after reading your how to. You dear are a gift to geeks (and wannabe geeks) and a true champion of consumer rights and I truly appreciate how you use your passion. I do hope you and Matt still do some intermittent podcasts though because it’s weird not hearing more of your true salty tongue colors on the engmobpod (so hilarious to literally hear you restraining yourself from f bomb dropping!)

    • Thanks for the kind words! Yes, it’s hard not to swear on the Engadget Mobile podcast…

      Matt and I recorded a podcast a couple days ago – it’ll be up in the next few days :)

  3. i just got a 3g ipad and i swaped sim from my smartphone into it and it worked for a couple of days but now att has blocked my service and requires me to put that sim back into my smartphone or open up a new ipad account. i guess there isn’t that much freedom with ipads and att.

  4. I hope att isnt targeting me just because my plan is for Unlimited data. Is your iphone plan of the unlimited variety or the new 2GB version?

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