The HTC Aria in pictures

It’s been called the Intruder and it’s been called the Liberty. It’s the HTC Aria and it’s incredibly cute!

Think of the Aria as a Nexus One/Desire/Incredible redux. It’s smaller and lighter, with a smaller screen (3.2″, 480×320 pixels) and a slower processor. Read on…

Despite being scaled down, the Aria remains snappy and usable, thanks in part to Android 2.1 with Sense UI – in fact, I think it represents the first decent Android phone on AT&T.

On the other hand, while the 5 megapixel camera (with autofocus but no flash) is quite nice, video recording (VGA) is rather poor. The 3G radio is only dual band (850/1900 MHz), which is unfortunate.

But the most significant problem with the Aria is that AT&T continues to block side-loading on its Android devices for no good reason.

Ultimately, none of this matters – after seeing the Aria in person you will be so completely mesmerized by its cuteness, especially the yellow innards, that you will just want one. Trust me :)

Not convinced? Take a look at my pictures (slide show) and video:

Thanks to the lovely folks at AT&T for supplying this review unit.


17 thoughts on “The HTC Aria in pictures

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  1. Will this phone eventually get Froyo? The only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger and picked up an Aria is because I don’t wanna get left behind :(

    1. HTC phones have a better track record at bieng updated to the latest version of Android than any other devices, and have a strong homebrew community, so yes.

      1. Ok thats good to know.. one more question though. Will the phone begin to run slow when apps are installed? There’s only about 5 apps that I’ll download but this phone doesn’t have a lot of internal memory

    1. No problems here! Then again, I never use the earbuds included with phones because they are usually poor. I use Etymotic’s HF2 or ER4S…

      That being said, if they are not working, try some other earbuds or headphones to make sure it’s not a problem with the device itself.

  2. I dont have any other avaiable headphones so im not sure where to place the blame. But whenever i try to play music or doanything with sound the headphones dont work. But when i go to settings and mess around with the volume i can hear that.=\

    1. No idea… Borrow some headphones form a friend – any standard 3.5 mm 3-prong model will do!

      Also make sure the media volume is turned up – it’s separate form the notification volume :)

  3. That yellow inside reminds me of the Gameboy Color. It made me very nostalgic. Thinking of getting the Aria, it’s free on Amazon w/ new agreement or $50 if you’re eligible for updgrade.

  4. I’m back! Lol but IF, and hopefully it does, the Aria gets Froyo will it be over the air or will I have to download it off the HTC website?

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