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Unboxing the BlackBerry 9800 (Torch), part 2

You know I’m not impressed with a device when it takes me 5 days for a full unboxing….

Here are some pictures (slide show) of the BlackBerry 9800 (Torch) to complement my recent videos!

I’ll have a camera review for you in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Unboxing the BlackBerry 9800 (Torch), part 2 Leave a comment

  1. You slammed the new Blackberry on the podcast yet admitted to hardly using it. I own a pre, there are things I hated about it when it came out…a month later I didn’t. There are things that took me a month of everyday use to find out that I hated.

    I think you should have prefaced your opinion by stating that it was a “first impression.” I’m no Blackberry fan, matter of fact I think they make terrible phones, but I think they deserve a better shot than an hour of your time. It shouldn’t even be able to be called a review unless you’ve used the device exclusively for a couple weeks or more.

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