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Samsung Epic 4G camera, and more

So you’re probably wondering what happened to my regular camera reviews. Well fear not, I’m still working on them :)

I’m off to Burning Man as usual (look for me at Center Camp Cafe most evenings), and I’ll be taking lots of pictures!

I’d hoped to test a Nokia N8 prototype this year, but that fell through, so I’ll be using the wonderful Samsung T929 (Memoir) again…

I’m also bringing my Nexus One, my iPhone 4, the Samsung Epic 4G, and my Motorola F3 (aka. the “zombie apocalypse” phone).

Follow me on Twitter, and check out my Epic 4G sample pictures (slide show) and sample video (after the break).

Download original, HD, 1280×720 @ 30 fps.

8 thoughts on “Samsung Epic 4G camera, and more Leave a comment

  1. nice pictures on the epic by any chance did you change any of the camera settings while taking these or just left them default

  2. Hi Tnkgrl,
    Just wondering if you have ever tried using any of the Android 3rd party camera apps? The one I use is Vignette and it allows me to really tweak the camera settings. This has allowed me to make my images 100% better on my EVO 4G. The EVO out of the box has a tremendous amount of JPEG compression. With Vignette, I can dial all of the compression out and get some really sharp, stunning images out of my EVO. I hope you will give this app a try and perhaps blog about it.
    Thanks, Karl

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