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Unboxing the Motorola Charm

charm \ˈchärm\ noun: a trait that fascinates, allures, or delights

Does the Motorola Charm live up to its name? Not so much. It’s an interesting hardware concept ruined by cost cutting and poor software.

I really wanted to like the Charm, but Motorola spoiled the fun with cheap materials, a low-resolution (QVGA 320×240), low-quality display, a 3 MP camera without autofocus (like the Devour), and the universally loathed BLUR user interface…

To add insult to injury, battery life is abysmal, far worse than any other Android phone I’ve used to date. In fact, Motorola includes an extended battery and matching cover in the box – never a reassuring sign!

At least it’s running Android 2.1, and the industrial design is somewhat appealing – here are my unboxing pictures (slide show) and video:

Thanks to the lovely folks at T-Mobile for the review unit.

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