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Unboxing the Nokia N8, part 1

Yes, that’s right – the Nokia N8 has landed, in all its 12 megapixel, xenon flash glory – and I got my paws on a US model :)

Please excuse the drool in my unboxing video and my first power on video (after the break) – just revel in the tasty Nokia goodness…

N8 unboxing pictures to follow!


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  1. great phone, HDMI, amoled, aluminium, usb on the go, 12millions pix, Xenon flash, reads flash videos, biggest sensor camera, new OS… while the i phone is making advertisement on … multitask, HD screen, visio all of this exists since years on Nokia or even Samsung, never mind, sheep buy, it know why ? Nokia’s marketing is bad compared to apple, the CEO, the ad campain the fact it is launched worldwide at the same time, why can’t Nokia launch the phone same time everywhere? nobody can say when it will be available in this or that country, pity. Luckily the N8 is the best phone, by far! even its design is better than i phone, with one color and this shit platic on the steel to get good reception…

      • I was shocked well not really by the 5/10 engadget review. This makes me wonder if nokia release N8,E7 etc to put them back on the map while meego still cooking. Owing a nokia n82 do you think now and days its worth paying 500+ for the nokia n8?

    • If you are coming from an N82 and have never used an iPhone/Android device, the N8 will be a great upgrade. It’s the first camera from Nokia to be truly better than the N82,a nd it’s the best Symbian phone ever made for sure.

  2. Unfortunately I have tasted the forbidden fruit (android/iphone). I gave the N82 to my mother now shes a happy symbian/nokia user, I just change the housing and shes been rocking it for 2 years now. I really wanted a nokia device since xenon camera smart phones are hard to come by I’m just afraid of spending 500+ and cant put up with it. I was thinking G2 but tethering got me so spoiled.

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