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Review: Nokia N8 camera

After unboxing my Nokia N8 last weekend, I contributed the camera section to the N8 review on Engadget – read it!

I also attended Decompression with the N8, where took a bunch of pictures (slide show) and made a short video (after the break)…

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  1. fantastic review. like my n8. fantastic unlocked cell phones. it’s light feels fantastic, simple to manuever. processor is much quicker, like it. web browser and wifi are fantastic for my business, helps me keep in touch with my clients. my wife likes hers for the fun of it, facebook games apps, keep us busy and pleased! recorder is fantastic. much better than my ancient unlocked blackberry phones. speaker phone is loud and it’s really simple to email and text for being a touch screen. also got our blackberry unlocking and cell phone unlock codes for free! got our last couple n8′s at very pleased so far.

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