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Unboxing the Motorola Droid Pro, part 1

Last week I received a Motorola Droid Pro review unit from the lovely people at Verizon. It joins the ranks of the Droid 2 and the Droid X, but adds some unique features…

Most obvious is the QWERTY keyboard, which looks and feels exactly like a BlackBerry keyboard. There’s a pretty decent camera (5 MP autofocus with dual LED flash) and a global radio (CDMA + GSM/HSPA) on board. Sadly, the portrait layout means the screen is smaller (3.1″) and lower resolution (HVGA – 480×320 pixels) than its siblings.

I’ve already recorded the launch of this phone for Engadget during CTIA, but check out my unboxing video and expect some pictures soon!

3 thoughts on “Unboxing the Motorola Droid Pro, part 1 Leave a comment

  1. The video made me think .. The screen seems a bit too small for this particular UI .. it looks fine on the Droid X but one the 3.1″ screen, I dunno really. I guess you have to use it to see

    • it’s pretty much the same size screen and resolution as the G1 (original Android phone), the Magic (myTouch 3G), the Hero (both Euro and US versions), and more recently the awesome Aria and fantastic Optimus T/S…

      So it’s perfectly usable, especially since you have a fast CPU/GPU running the show, and you don’t have to type on the screen thanks to the phenomenal hardware keyboard!

      Of course, it’s a bit small and low-res for a Droid – and therein lies the only problem.

  2. That’s interesting. I’m in the UK and I have only used the Hero but this was just an observation from the video. I guess you don’t know until you use it.

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