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MWC recap

Last week I was in Barcelona, covering MWC for Engadget. I worked a lot and slept very little, but it was fun!

Above are some pictures (slide show), and below is the news I reported, with more after the break…

My MWC posts for Engadget:
Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim
ViewSonic V350
ViewSonic ViewPad 4
Huawei IDEOS X3
Alien Dalvik
HTC Incredible S

My other contributions:
Steve Ballmer keynote
WP7 multitasking
Samsung Galaxy S 4G
Stephen Elop interview

My podcast appearances:
Mobile 075
Mobile 076
Mobile 077

Other notable posts:
Android booth tour
MWC highlights

While many devices were announced, none were groundbreaking. The Samsung Galaxy S II caught my attention, together with the HTC Incredible S – that’s about it.

Ultimately, what made MWC really special was shaking hands with Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, and getting smoothies at the Android booth.

I’ve recently reviewed the Nokia X3-02 and I’m currently playing with a Huawei Ideos X5. Expect more goodness soon :)

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  1. Hi Myriam. Love your work. I own an iPhone 4. Just bought an Atrix 4g. Network performance worse by a big amount on downloading content. Also my company Johnson &Johnson does not support this or any android device so I sent phone back. Motorola will need to get big business support or they won’t sell as mic as Apple. By the way I got my phone quickly and AT&T said I wa one of the first to call to set up phone so I don’t think sales are very good yet. Take care

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