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Review: Samsung Galaxy S 4G


Check out my latest review on Engadget: Samsung Galaxy S 4G… Then watch my unboxing video after the break!

Also, be sure to listen to Chris Ziegler, Vlad Savov, and me on the Engadget Mobile podcast, usually recorded live every Friday afternoon, and posted every Saturday.

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  1. HI, I LOVE the show you guys do on engaget. I work at the UW wisconsin nights and listrean to the pods soon as they come out. Me and my wife are big phone geeks. I have been using a HTC HD For the past year and have SPB shell on win mob 6.5. and it works grate gives me the android type interfere, with 5 panels and widgets. I have not seen much of a performance hit also. I just came back from Chicago this weekend went to Popularelectronic(we have been buying unlocked phone for 9years now) to see the (Psp) phone my next phone. anyway SPB a new there new 3d shell out for android. for users it only $14. I know your not a fan of shells but if there dun well they can be a big upgrad over a dated OS. I remember using norten shell years ageo on win 3.1. it would be cool if you could do a review of SPB NEW SHELL. thanks for your time and keep up the good work helps me get thru the nights.

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