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The art of blogging, or when your hobby becomes your job

Dear readers,

As most of you probably know by now, I’ve recently accepted a full-time position with Engadget as Senior Mobile Editor, this after spending almost a year freelancing for them in my spare time.

What does it mean for this blog, tnkgrl Mobile?

The blog: I’m going to continue writing here from time-to-time, focusing on any mobile tech content that’s not well suited for Engadget. Of course you’ll be able to read me over there to your heart’s content, and I’ll post links here to all my important Engadget features. Subscribe to my RSS feed† and my Twitter account to keep on top of what’s happening with me.

The videos and pictures: I’m planning to keep up the unboxing videos (time permitting). I won’t usually be posting them right away – after all, I can’t steal the show from Engadget :) Unboxing pictures and camera tests are more time-consuming to compile so I’m not making any promises. Instead, look for your fix of videos and pictures in my Engadget reviews.

The podcast: Talking with tnkgrl is dead in the water. As you likely remember, Matt Bennett decided to move on to other (two-wheeled) projects. Then Tony Peric and I struggled to coordinate our schedules and experienced some technical setbacks, essentially putting the podcast on hold. Instead, I suggest you listen to me weekly on the Engadget Mobile podcast.

Despite tnkgrl Mobile taking a back seat in my life this new job marks my successful transition from being a long-time video game developer to working as a journalist full-time.

It’s pretty amazing that something that started out as a hobby less than 5 years ago is now my career. I hope you stick around and come along for the ride. It’s going to be a blast!


Myriam Joire (aka tnkgrl)

PS: I’ve still got a small backlog of content that I’ll be posting here over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

30 thoughts on “The art of blogging, or when your hobby becomes your job Leave a comment

  1. You’re awesome, Myriam. I’m really excited for you that you’ve made the transition to full-time tech journalism (I hope to make the jump at some point as well) and to have you leading the Engadget Mobile team.

  2. Gratz, Myriam. I’m glad I still get to hear your bleeped voice every week on the mobile podcast :)

  3. Congratulations Myriam! I recently started following you. You must be one of the most tech knowledgeable person I know! Also you seem super-friendly and huggable. Keep up your good work. You make our passion for mobile devices even more fun! Saludos all the way from Costa Rica!

  4. Ya, Manrique, she does look so much huggable!

    And here goes again my greetings all the way from Brazil!

  5. Hi Myriam,

    You are an excellent tech journalist and congrats on the full-time gig with Engadget.

    More importantly, I love the photo of your blue bloots with the Engadget logo rug!


  6. Awesome! I don’t want to be frank, but I’ll be anyway.

    You and Vlad are the reason I still type in my addressbar.

    There I said it. Whew.

  7. This is great news, I’ve always enjoyed your work. You have to take it easy on Vlad though, he’s a little behind you knowledge wise. I’d hate to see him leave, I just never get tired of heating “pre free” Priceless!

  8. Your unboxing videos were the best ever. You should do them for engadget! Fantastic! Well done and well deserved. :)

  9. I’m all for deleting hateful anonymous comments. Start your own blog, and put your own name on it, fuckwad. You might be interested in the feedback you receive from trolls like yourself.

    • This is just my opinion, please don’t censor me for voicing it, but if you’ve got something to say (not you directly, I’m referring to you as anyone in the world), I want to hear it.

      I don’t care what it is. Even the most hateful things, maybe attacking me personally, or making fun of me, or criticizing me in some way. I would not delete the comments, not even one.

      The only thing I would ever delete is unwanted advertisements or scam \ spam links.

      This does not mean I care what they say, even if they are “trolls,” but to be 100% closed off to any sort of criticism, even constructive and well intentioned, is closed minded and ignorant.

      I think people who delete comments or ban people just because they don’t like what’s being said, or the particular words being used (profanity, etc) about any topic; are intollerable.

      My parents raised me this way; to be open minded no matter what the situation is, especially about things I consider personal or important, and I think them for it ^_~

      • @nqza

        Unfortunately for you this is *my* blog, and it’s not a democracy. Commenting here is a privilege, not a right. I will not tolerate “-isms” and personal attacks on me or anyone else. Period. You don’t like it? Too bad.

  10. Hi Myriam,

    I’m a new fan that has only just learned of your work through your recent CITA interview posted on Engadget. I myself and a technology professional and aspiring author. I look forward to getting acquainted with your work. I will definitely be reading Engadget more now that I know you are contributing — as it is, I am an occasional reader.

    Congratulations on your new career move! I look forward to connecting more in the future.


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