tnkgrl Mobile podcast – #101

Yes, I’ve finally relaunched my mobile tech podcast, talking with tnkgrl!

For episode #101 (59 min) my guest is no other than the amazing Brad Molen and the topic is Google and Android — specifically the recent Nest acquisition, Samsung patent deal, and Motorola sale to Lenovo. Tangents include Microsoft’s new CEO and Jolla’s smartphone

Audio version
Video version

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4 Responses to tnkgrl Mobile podcast – #101

  1. […] Update: And we’re done. […]

  2. Any way to subscribe to this with a podcast manager on android. Tried the RSS link, but only got a link to the video. ? Keep it up Tnkgrl, love that you’re back :)

  3. tnkgrl says:

    That link works — something’s wrong with your podcast app. Here it is again with .xml added at the end (your podcast app probably doesn’t do this automatically):

  4. Thanks a bunch, .xml did the trick

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