tnkgrl Mobile podcast – #109

Welcome to episode #109 of my podcast (53 min), wherein Phil Nickinson and I wax poetic about CES & the LG G Flex2, Microsoft & Cyanogen rumors, net neutrality, and what to expect at MWC!

Honorable mentions include the Sony Z3 Compact, HTC Desire EYE & RE, YotaPhone 2, Apple iPhone 6, and Microsoft Band… There’s plenty of goodness for everyone :)

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Tasty bits – 11

Well it looks like the Nokia E90 got the FCC nod… But the device tested appears to be a tri-band UMTS/HSDPA version (850/1900 MHz for AT&T and 1700 MHz for T-Mobile USA)! Strangely, the 2100 MHz band (used in Europe/Asia and also supposedly required by T-Mobile USA) seems to be missing.

And if you’re craving even more E90 coverage, here’s an “extra” preview, a video preview, and a web browsing preview :)

Want to upgrade your Nokia N80 to the Internet Edition firmware without voiding your warranty? Well it’s official, you can have your cake and eat it too.

On the topic of wireless net neutrality, take a look at this article:

If Steve Jobs had wanted to, he could have launched the iPhone explicitly as a SIM-free smartphone, just as the Macintosh computer is sold explicitly ISP-free. He could have cut the phone network operators out of the picture completely.

Amen to that!

Speaking of iPhone, the Meizu M8/miniOne is shaping up to be a cool device.

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