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Tasty bits – 10

I think Tim Wu hit the nail right on the head with his paper on wireless net neutrality, and I applaud Skype for getting involved!

Are you looking for more Nokia E90 goodness? Well here is a detailed preview and a whole bunch of pictures for you :)

It looks like the Macworld keynote is full of additional details about the Apple iPhone…

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  1. I have decide to sell me E61 and buy the E90 when it arrives and take a pass on the OQO.

    After looking at ESPN on an 800X600 PC, Since hopefully the E90 will allow you to zoom out just 75%, you’ll be able to see the entire ESPN webpage from side to side.

    Approx how much will it cost though ?

  2. Okay presto-chango. If the E90 is in the 800/900 range I would be an idiot to pass on the lowend 1499 OQO for the E90.
    The lowend OQO 1499 is a much, much better buy than a possible 750 and up E90.

    Maybe I’ll just keep my E61 and get an OQO.

    I am sick of riding the tech gadget merri-go-round where every new device is purchased.

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