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The problem with Bluetooth PAN

Other than OS X not (yet) supporting Bluetooth PAN, the lack of Bluetooth DUN on my Samsung i607 (BlackJack) was not a major problem for me… Until yesterday.

I tried to share my Bluetooth PAN connection over WiFi in Windows XP (thus turning my OQO into a WiFi access point for a friend’s Mac) – but no, it’s just not possible! Yet it’s possible to share a Bluetooth DUN connection.

So Microsoft, what’s going on here?

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  1. I just installed the seeded update 10.4.9 for developers. Pan is now supported and the Blackjack works great with it.

  2. After moving out of my flat in a hurry due to a leak, I found myself without a net connection. Connected up my phone (Sony Ericsson K810i) to my laptop (XP) via Bluetooth PAN, went to share it via an ad-hoc wifi connection so my flatmate could use the connection, no dice.

    I’m going to try the old IPEnableRouter trick via an adhoc wifi connection later on to see if we can get anywhere

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