Pure marketing genius

Welcome to 2007

Well then… Happy new year! Are you ready for CES? Are you ready for Macworld?

I’ll be covering OQO Model 02 (likely), Nokia N95, and Apple iPhone (hopefully) related news, so stay tuned.


One thought on “Pure marketing genius

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  1. tnkgrl, if you receive Apple, OQO, and Nokia N95 news at exactly the same time, please work on reporting this trifecta in the order below :)

    1. Apple news first since I am desperate to know any Apple news. :)
    2. N95 news. If OQO news is super fantastic, then report OQO news first. :)
    3. OQO news. If N95 news is super, super, super fantastic, then report N95 news before OQO news. :)

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