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The OQO Model 02 is here

press_1.jpgIt’s Murphy’s law… Saturday I sold my OQO Model 01+, just in time for the start of CES. Sunday I kept an eye on my favorite gadget blogs, and all was quiet until I was away from the San Francisco bubble, away from my computer (without my old OQO)!

Yes people, the OQO Model 02 was announced while I was enjoying fried bananas at a friend’s birthday party, with no computer in sight. By the time I was able to use a computer to order my new OQO, pictures and video were already available. Oh well :)

It was well worth the wait – the Model 02 addresses many of the criticisms of the Model 01+:
– Faster processor (1.2 or 1.5 GHz VIA C7M ULV)
– Faster memory (533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM)
– Better graphics (VIA VX700)
– Better screen (6x brighter)
– Better thermal management
– Backlit keyboard
– WiFi a/b/g
– Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
– Optional: more memory (up to 1 GB)
– Optional: larger hard drive (up to 60 GB)

It also features some interesting new features:
– TouchScrollers (TM) (horizontal and vertical touch-sensitive scroll-surfaces on screen bezel)
– Zoom buttons
– HDMI output
– Optional built-in EVDO (through Sprint, unfortunately for me)
– Optional docking station (with dual-layer DVD+-RW/CD-RW or DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive)

So what’s missing, then?
– No IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
– No built-in digital pen storage
– 0.7″ wider and 0.1″ thicker (yet 0.1″ shorter)
– No optional built-in HSDPA (through Cingular)

So there you have it… I’ll be doing a full review of the OQO Model 02 as soon as I’ve got my hands on it!


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5 thoughts on “The OQO Model 02 is here Leave a comment

  1. I wonder how many places back in the order queue did your not having computer access place you.

    Probably not too bad I hope.

  2. Can you find out about high rez interpolation ?

    Are the high rez interpolation settings 1024X600 and 1280X720 ?

    How does 1280X720 look insofar as quality of the fonts, etc. ?

    Does touchscreen work in interpolation modes ?

  3. cant wait to see your report. i am almost sold on this device but will wait to see what will work with linux. i hope the evdo sprint capability works using ubuntu. that would seal the deal!

  4. If its the display that does it, it won’t be able to take advantage of the fact fonts are using vectors instead of pixels, therefore 1 pixel just becomes 0.7 and it will look like scaled text from MS Paint :( Hopefully its clever :)

    Yeh Linux would be the thing for me, Ubuntu packages would be a total deal clincher for me. I know on 01 they did actually work with the community to do some stuff for Linux, no “official” support but that’s fine.

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