The OQO Model 02 is here

press_1.jpgIt’s Murphy’s law… Saturday I sold my OQO Model 01+, just in time for the start of CES. Sunday I kept an eye on my favorite gadget blogs, and all was quiet until I was away from the San Francisco bubble, away from my computer (without my old OQO)!

Yes people, the OQO Model 02 was announced while I was enjoying fried bananas at a friend’s birthday party, with no computer in sight. By the time I was able to use a computer to order my new OQO, pictures and video were already available. Oh well :)

It was well worth the wait – the Model 02 addresses many of the criticisms of the Model 01+:
– Faster processor (1.2 or 1.5 GHz VIA C7M ULV)
– Faster memory (533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM)
– Better graphics (VIA VX700)
– Better screen (6x brighter)
– Better thermal management
– Backlit keyboard
– WiFi a/b/g
– Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
– Optional: more memory (up to 1 GB)
– Optional: larger hard drive (up to 60 GB)

It also features some interesting new features:
– TouchScrollers (TM) (horizontal and vertical touch-sensitive scroll-surfaces on screen bezel)
– Zoom buttons
– HDMI output
– Optional built-in EVDO (through Sprint, unfortunately for me)
– Optional docking station (with dual-layer DVD+-RW/CD-RW or DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive)

So what’s missing, then?
– No IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
– No built-in digital pen storage
– 0.7″ wider and 0.1″ thicker (yet 0.1″ shorter)
– No optional built-in HSDPA (through Cingular)

So there you have it… I’ll be doing a full review of the OQO Model 02 as soon as I’ve got my hands on it!

5 Responses to The OQO Model 02 is here

  1. anthonybuchanan says:

    I wonder how many places back in the order queue did your not having computer access place you.

    Probably not too bad I hope.

  2. anthonybuchanan says:

    Can you find out about high rez interpolation ?

    Are the high rez interpolation settings 1024X600 and 1280X720 ?

    How does 1280X720 look insofar as quality of the fonts, etc. ?

    Does touchscreen work in interpolation modes ?

  3. koloa says:

    cant wait to see your report. i am almost sold on this device but will wait to see what will work with linux. i hope the evdo sprint capability works using ubuntu. that would seal the deal!

  4. fozz says:

    If its the display that does it, it won’t be able to take advantage of the fact fonts are using vectors instead of pixels, therefore 1 pixel just becomes 0.7 and it will look like scaled text from MS Paint :( Hopefully its clever :)

    Yeh Linux would be the thing for me, Ubuntu packages would be a total deal clincher for me. I know on 01 they did actually work with the community to do some stuff for Linux, no “official” support but that’s fine.

  5. […] I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of preproduction OQO Model 02’s, batteries, a power supply, and a dock. I was also able to do a size comparison with a […]

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