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The iPhone aftermath

Now that the iPhone is no longer a secret, I have a dilemma… Clearly, I want an Apple iPhone, but I also want a Nokia N95!

“Why not get both?” I hear you asking. That’s a fair enough question – after all, I currently have a Nokia N80 as my voice-centric phone (with T-Mobile) and a Samsung i607 (BlackJack) as my data-centric phone (with Cingular). I use the voice-centric phone for calls, pictures, MP3 playback and the data-centric phone for the QWERTY keyboard and for tethering.

But I really just want *one* phone! Is that too much to ask? For my purposes, the iPhone is missing HSDPA and is not cutting it camera-wise yet the N95 is missing a QWERTY keyboard and is not tri-band HSDPA.

To make matters even more complicated, I’ve ordered the amazing OQO Model 02, which features EVDO (with Sprint)… But the last thing I want right now is to join yet another provider!

So, here are my options:
– Skip the N95, drop T-Mobile, join Sprint for the OQO, get the iPhone, keep Cingular
– Get the N95, keep T-Mobile, join Sprint for the OQO, skip the iPhone, drop Cingular
– Get the N95, keep T-Mobile, skip Sprint for the OQO (no data), get the iPhone, keep Cingular

Keep in mind that I’m already a satisfied T-Mobile customer (now contract free) and Cingular customer (6 months left in contract).

Suggestions, opinions? Fire away :)

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  1. Seems like we are both on the search for the perfect phone, one which, at least for me, seems to go on and on forever. I’m honestly more excited for the N95 than the iPhone. Devices without built in keypads really annoy me, whether it has a simulated QWERTY or not, I can see this being a pain. Then again, Apple wouldn’t make something that was crap, so maybe I’m wrong about the keyboard thing. Still the iPhone can’t touch the tech specs of the N95, and I think the N95 is the sexier phone. The iPhone looks too plain for my tastes, and seems to be a major rip off of the LG KE 850

    I would recommend getting dropping T-Mobile because they suck coverage wise, and skip the Sprint EV-DO idea because it’s a lot of money for a mobile connection and just sign up for Cingular when the iPhone comes out. From what I’ve heard they are only selling these to customers who sign contracts, and who knows what the price will be if you buy it without a contract if it’s already $499 and $599. Plus if you have Cingular you can use the N95 and the iPhone and just switch your SIM when you feel the need. There is no advantage that T-Mobile has over Cingular with the N95 since it’s a quad band phone, so I think Cingular is the way to go. I’m not sure where you’re located, but in Chicago at least, Cingular gets way better signal strength than T-Mobile, plus they’re releasing the newer technology way ahead of T-mo. Just my thoughts.


  2. tnkgrl,
    the iphone and the oqo… they will both have good data options, and you will have the hottest tech duo on the block. plus the i-tunes cross compatibility(if you use the itunes store) is automatically there between the 2 machines!! i bet that the iphone is going to have some special voice/data plan attached to it that will make it more attractive, kind of like the sidekick when it first came out… the only thing that worries me a little about the iphone is the supposed lack of 3rd party software expandability..ouch!!

  3. tnkgrl, does’nt it depend on how much money a person wants to throw around. You should look at choses based on how much you want to spend.

    Your most cost effective chose is to keep the N80 with Tzones for internet access on the go when you don’t want to use your OQO. Get the OQO and EVDO from Sprint for internet access and PC use. It looks like the iphone is going to have soo many restrictions that you are goimg to be frustrated by it.

    The second most cost effective chose is to sell the N80, buy the N95, and keep Tzones and get EVDO for the OQO.

    The last most expensive chose will be to sell the N80 (to me), buy the iphone with Cingulars expensive data plan, and then still get the Sprint EVDO coverage for the OQO. This to me is just throwing away too much mony.

    BY the way, the iphone just resulted in the N95 being approx $200.00 cheaper.

  4. Also, having the OQO and the iphone will make you look like supergeek reborn. There will frequently be times where you will have them both out at the same time using your fingers for the iphone and holding the OQO. Thats just to geeky.

  5. I’d advise getting the N95 which has Wifi support. Though the N91 is also great, with a 4 or 8 GB harddisk on board, as well as wifi. But the N95 has a great big screen by comparison. You’ll also be able to upload your images, audio and video using a service like NOKLOG ( ) when I finally get around to launching that fully ;)

    As for the Apple iPhone, my god! Does it look gorgeous, or what!!?? I want one (in the UK) but I expect I’ll just look at it.

    Nokia easily make the best phones out there today for business or entertainment usage – as WELL as media CREATION – along with consumption.

    If you want a qwerty keyboard, there are loads of bluetooth mobile keyboards you could use – I just got one which is made from fabric! :) from

    nice! ;)

    and anthony: there’s no such thing as TOO geeky ;) right? heh

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