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Random OQO Model 02 trivia

Here is some interesting new information I’ve gathered about the OQO Model 02:

– You can use a Model 01/01+ battery charge adapter and Model 01/01+ AC adapter to charge a Model 02 battery.

– The Model 02 RAM is located on a separate custom module (though not user upgradeable).

– The HDMI/DVI cables are a custom design. OQO reduced the diameter of the cables while ensuring high video quality.

– Windows Vista performance is good (the key is 1GB RAM).

– Every other computer with a trakstik-like pointing device uses one of a handful of off-the-shelf controllers, all of which share problems of drift, responsiveness, nonlinearity, etc… For the Model 02, OQO completely redesigned this functionality into the subprocessor, resulting in an unparalleled smooth implementation!

– There are several new software features that have not yet been highlighted in reviews, like a dedicated function key for a “show desktop” mode as well as an improved display settings control panel which makes the setup of multiple displays significantly easier than usual in Windows XP or Windows Vista.

– Once you have setup a configuration for a specific display, the displaysense software remembers the settings so when you change displays it recognizes which configuration you setup before and automatically restores the proper settings.

– If you look down the barrel of the Model 02 AC adapter there’s a red glow indicating that it’s connected.


Model 02, OQO

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