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One week later

It’s been a week since the iPhone was announced and there’s still a lot of buzz floating around…

I was wondering if Apple considered using vibration as a form of tactile feedback for the iPhone’s touch screen when I stumbled upon this nice device from Samsung and this cool one from Synaptics!

I still think that the iPhone should be sold unlocked, even if Apple’s partnership with Cingular is revealing more details about the device.

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  1. Great stuff trnkgrl.
    Wanted everyone to know that viewing this site using my E61 and can see everything and go to all links. I do this for $5.99 per month ($70/year) . Nokias browser is awesome.

    This total access at such a low cost will likely keep me from going iphone since I know Cingular is going to want around $500/year just for service.

    Thats just plain too high.

    I work with a guy the has the blackjack and spends $40/month ($500/year) and he only gets WAP pages.

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