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Nokia N95 unboxing video

As the Nokia N95 inches closer to being released, more lucky bloggers are getting to play with preproduction units! Steve Garfield posted an unboxing video, and Delon on Howard Forums is answering questions about the device… Enjoy :)


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  1. I think that Nokia’s blogger relations program is a smart way of building awareness for their phones and flooding the Web with lots of informative (and authentic rather than shill-y and false) reviews. I just wish they’d expand the brp to include the ESeries phones (I’m interested in kicking the tires on the E61 in particular).

    Some weeks ago, I emailed Comunicano, the company running the show, and asked about the ESeries. The reply was polite and speedy, but disappointing – they’re not doing anything outside of the NSeries. Emails to Nokia’s press email addresses (the central one and the one for my region, Asia Pacific since I’m in Hong Kong) have gone unanswered, which has been a bit surprising.

  2. Anthonybuchanan, thanks for the offer, but it’s not so much that I have questions as there are things I’d like to try. If someone at Nokia or their communications/pr firm dropped an E61 in my lap, you can bet that I’d do a review complete with an unboxing video, but I’d spend more time tinkering with it software-wise.

    The big draw for me is the combination of the device itself and the capabilities you might get with the browser, the Python implementation, and the Racoon web server w/mod_python ( The software all seems to be available for Nokia S60 phones in general, but it’s that, plus the WLAN, plus the large screen and full backlit keyboard that I think could be interesting.

    I can think of some location-aware applications that would be a lot of fun to try and build but I already have a nice phone (using the Moto A1000 right now) and can’t really justify running out and buying an E61 for the sake of experimentation.

  3. Brian, try the Cingular E62 on a demo basis and then return the phone.

    I do know this about the E61/E62: I never use WIFI. Since the $6.00 Tmobile Tzones works good. Even at home, I never bother logging into my wireless network.

    The problem with E62 is that Cingular locks the phone and you have to use their expensive data plan.

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