Nokia N95 iSync plugin

I put together a Nokia N95 iSync plugin :) Just download, unzip and copy to the /Library/PhonePlugins folder! Then pair your N95, run iSync, and select Devices|Add Device…

Update: As some people have reported, and as I’ve also discovered, Nokia already made one available for download on the European website. Oh well, it only took me a few minutes to make it :)


27 Responses to Nokia N95 iSync plugin

  1. Donald says:


    I found another site with iSync phone plugins that support N95.
    Go to and do a Search = N95

    You should be able to find N95 and follow instr to download.
    This is a .dmg file that will self install onto your Mac OSX !!

    And it works for Contacts and Calendar on the Max OSX.

  2. Jusin says:

    I installed the nokia isync plug in… it sees the phone but gets hung up at “processing changes”. blah

  3. Scott says:

    Any chance you could make a Nokia 5700 iSync Plug-In??

  4. Dan says:

    Fantastic thanks – The official nokia DMG installer wouldn’t install for some reason and this works perfectly.
    Nice job!

  5. Todd says:

    Love the app. thx

  6. Sergio Gaiti says:

    I have a new 8GB N95 and this plug in doesn’t work with my new phone. It still says it isn’t supported by Isync. What can I do? Help please!

  7. Jason says:

    Hi I also downloaded both this and the nokia isync, neither worked as when I wen to add device it said “this device is not supported by isync, i restarted and reinstall and still the same.

    Can anyone help


  8. fred says:

    I purchased a N95 8GB and installed the ‘official’ Nokia iSync plugin, but it doesn’t work. Any chance for anyone pointing me in the right direction? iSync keeps telling me that “This device is not supported by iSync”


  9. frustrated says:

    ok – seems like I managed to fix this after trying 3 different plugins. The plugin from the Nokia site failed to work. The one linked from this site also failed.

    The one available here:
    However I needed to follow the steps below to get it running:

    1. open the bluetooth preferences and delete any previous pairing between the phone and the Mac
    2. set the phones bluetooth on and to discoverable
    3. in the mac bluetooth preferences panel, click +, select mobile phone and ‘continue’ to search for your phone
    4. select your phone from the list (hopefully you have named it something logical) click ‘continue’ and select iSync as a minimum
    5. click ‘continue’ and follow the steps to pair your devices
    6. when you see the pairing success message and iSync opens to show your device click ‘quit’ on the bluetooth setup assistant
    7. in the open iSync pane, select your preferred options for sync’ing
    8. on your phone, go to the bluetooth settings & paired devices, select your mac in the list and set pairing to be automatically authorised
    9. go to iSync on the mac and click the big shiny ‘Sync Devices’ button
    10. sit back and relax :)

    “it just works”…. some of the time it just needs a little prod in the right direction ;-)

  10. Bonney says:

    Argh! I just purchased the N95 8G and am having no success using your plug in. the bluetooth setup worked flawlessly, but iSync still says it does not support the device. Also, so far I cannot find anything in bluetooth settings that will even let me look at paired devices. Any help greatly appreciated. I followed every step in your instructions.

  11. alastair says:


    i had same problem as Bonney but it was due to phone auto swtiching OFF bluetooth

    if you set n95 to always accept your mac it will work ok!

  12. frustrated says:

    Bonney – did you use the plugin linked from the top of this page? or the one I linked??

    Also check that you have your system (and therefore iSync) fully updated.

    On the N95 the paired devices are shown on the second tab of the bluetooth pages. Set the mac to be authorised (no prompting will be required for further connections).

  13. Julio says:

    I did ev everything you said but still I sync does not work with my N95 8GB…….

  14. tnkgrl says:

    @Julio All of Nokia’s iSync plugins are available here:

    You probably can’t use the N95 iSync plugin with the N95 8GB (N95-2)- different devices… This post is about the original N95 (N95-1)!

  15. undalux says:

    Yeah, actually I’ve tried and tried but no way to make it work with my N95-2 :/

  16. in desperate help says:

    I have been trying to this for hours now. My n95-1 just does not want to synchronize. I can pair it with my macbook, set the macbook as aslways authorized and then hit the sync button. Then it starts downloading something like 2 out of 2 contacts and the it says synchronization has failed and I get a window saying an error has occured. I used the plug in from Nokia, I also made sure that my isync has the newest version 2.4 on tiger 10.4.11. I also updated my phone’s software to the most current one 20.0015. I dont know what to do anymore. Might have to give it back :-(
    I heard missing pc is bringing out a program for n95. Has anybody heard about that?

  17. Uwe says:

    I wish I could get a detailed instructions how to sync my iTunes Music and Videos into the correct folders on my Nokia N95, they seem to end up always at the Gallerie and not in it’s specific folder, the same applies to images transferred from my MacBook Pro to the device. Is there any solution?

  18. Mark says:

    Ok.. isync 3.0 and Nokia N95 8 gig what i’ve learnt.. it’s been a weary road… but success now:

    the nokia plug in on their sight would not load cause it didn’t like 3.0 isync (you can’t get 2.4 loaded on to new macbooks.. won’t load) So making sure there’s nothing in the phoneplugins folder … load up the third party one.. like macme (there seem to be others out there that are identical but macme very good) then load in the nokia one on top… Now it seems to be fooling the nokia plug in and it doesn’t object to your isync 3.0 and more importantly it works.. well it did for me.. good luck.. you’ll need it.

  19. Colin says:

    Hey just when you thought it was safe, I have the N-95 8g and updated the firmware just 4 weeks ago. I have no problem sync up bluetooth devices, however I have a really annoying one that I wonder if anyone can solve or has..pleae e-mail me if you do.
    I just got the Jawbone headset, very nice works sweet except for the one most annoying thing. I can not have the phone ring just in my ear without the actual phone ringing also, very troublesome in a silent working environment, I have tried every profile option etc. nothing works..I just want the phone to vibrate and a ring in my ear it that hard !..I called Jawbone they had no answer, and I’m sure that Nokia will just cold shoulder it as it’s not made by them !…any one else who has this problem let me know perhaps it is a protocol we can find a workaround for…

  20. marco says:

    Hello, could you make a plugin for nokia 6210 navigator? I refuse to pay for it, since almost every nokia mobile phone has it for free. If you couldn´t, would you tell me where could i find one? thanks,


  21. Alex says:

    Nokia juat posted a new one 2 days ago that finally works

  22. May says:

    Can anyone help me with Nokia n95 synching? I can synch but I can’t get an option that says ‘synch from phone to mac’ (as opposed to ‘merge data’. It’s for first time synching and if I merge the data, I have blank on i-cal and it wipes out my phone data.

  23. Mike says:

    Hi – i’ve just bought an N97 – is there any chance you might have the time to create an isync plugin for that?

    thanks – Mike

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