Pictures taken with the Nokia N95

Here are some pictures taken with my Nokia N95… I’m adding more pictures regularly, so keep looking!

I’ve color corrected them to remove the red tint problem – hopefully future firmware will address this.

So far it appears that the i-mobile 902 produces slightly better pictures (when comparing zoomed-in shots), and offers better low-light performance than the N95.


3 Responses to Pictures taken with the Nokia N95

  1. Henry says:

    Is it true?My I-Mobile 902 is bad at low light and indoor?But at outdoor?It’s the best!

  2. tnkgrl says:

    Yes, it is true!

    Check out my i-mobile 902 picture gallery fro some incredible low-light shots:

    You have to set it to “night ” mode…

  3. Claudio says:

    Hi there i just got an i-mobile 902 and its seems to be great but i have 1 problem… i live in Sweden and i cant figure it out to write the swedish lettres like å ä ö in my i-mobile. i can read the letters when other send me SMS… Have seartch for some info or updates for the phone but cant find nothing. Do you have any good ideas? Even if its some kind of uppdate to could use the T9 when i write SMS? IF you have something i have miss please email me or contact me buy msn on the same adress i have write here. Thanks for your time

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