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Nokia N95 battery life

There’s been a lot of great Nokia N95 coverage in the past week, and one of the biggest criticisms is about battery life

I’m experiencing about the same battery life with my N95 as with my Nokia N80 or my Samsung i607 (BlackJack), i.e. I’m averaging 24-48 hours between charges, depending on use.

“Use” for me means about 1 hour of talking per charge, some web browsing (both WiFi and EDGE), some photo taking and viewing, some music playback, some GPS mapping, and some Bluetooth and USB access.

By default I keep WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth off. My N95 is set to GSM only and the display is set to maximum brightness, with a 20 second timeout.

Sure, the N95 battery life is not the best compared to some others, but it’s manageable, especially when you consider that most people charge their phone every night!

If your N95 is running on empty after 6-18 hours, what are you doing?

I’d like to know :)

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  1. Running Roadsync to check email 15minutes and using A2DP for 1.5 hours a day. With these two things running my battery only lasts 9 hours with 2min talk and 3 pics.

  2. I returned mine today after not being able to use it for anytime internet like I have used my E61. I charge my E61 every night just out of habit however I go online througt the day with it.

    The N95’s battery is just too small.

  3. The N95 is just too expensive to not be perfect.

    I have set my sights on the E90.

    I imagine using the browser on the E90 and zooming out 50% and seeing as much as 1024 X700 of the html being displayed.

    In contrast, my E61, when zoomed out 50%, displays approx 450X350.

  4. ive found that i get 8 hours out of my n95 thats with the gps and blue tooth turned off,and i average about an hour aday on the phone,i must agree the phone is amazing but im so unhappy with its battery life ,i must agree with above comments the phone is far to expensive for these kinds of faults,im thinking of returning it this week,so i will keep everybody posted to what nokia has to say

  5. Battery life is very very bad.
    I’m considering returning the phone as its becoming useless to have all this great features and not be able to use them, as it kills the battery…

  6. Hmm…I was so tempted but reading this I may steer clear. I have enough trouble with my Windows Mobile device needing a nightly charge, I’d rather not have to charge twice a day!

  7. no body mentioned the camera, if i use the camera, video e.g. how long will n95 handset take to shut down on its own due to no more battery?

  8. haha, i think that’s the reason why they made the damn charger so small! ^^ but seriously, wifi does does drain allot of juice with continued use.

  9. never mind using email and stuff…try using the GPS. Kills the battery within a 1-2 hour period! I love the phone. It’s great! But only problem is the battery. I had to buy a car charger so I wouldn’t run into this problem.

  10. i got my n95 yest, ran the battery rite down and charged overnight today it ran out within 10 hrs i hardly touched it..

  11. I bought an N95 yesterday. Charged it up all night, took it to a school where I teach. Granted I used the bluetooth headset in the car (a 15 minute drive). Left the phone on the desk for the 90 minute class, and sometime during the class the battery died – entirely.

    I don’t think that – even with ALL the applications running, 3 hours of use should be acceptable.

  12. I bought mine about one month ago (N95-3). It’s advertised to have stand-by times up to 225 hours. Yeah right!

    In stand-by with all network features turned off, 3G turned off, no apps running – it lasts less than 36 hours. In the middle of the second day it dies. May I remind you, phone is not being used all that time for anything than a dead weight in my pocket.

    If you use it as an MP3 player (with headphones) it last around 5 hours.

    GPS for 1 hour + 1 hour talk time = dead phone.

    And that’s new, version 3, phone with updated software and brand new BL-6F 1200 mAh battery.

  13. @dm, give your battery a few charge cycles before making a blanket statement – if this persists, perhaps your N95-3 is defective…

    Right now my N95-3 has been on for a bit less than 72-hours, with 3G turned on, no other features enabled, no applications running, and it still has full bars on the battery. I’ve only used it for about 10 minutes as a Bluetooth modem since I last charged it!

    Sure 225 hours is a bit optimistic, especially with 3G turned on, but as you can see, I probably have another 48 hours standby time left, assuming I continue my currently scarce usage pattern (which is the result of me reviewing the Nokia N82).

  14. I received my N95 4 days ago, Only application I have installed is fringe and my phone has been dying after about 5 hours after a full charge the night before, I changed my setting so the battery saver comes on after 5 seconds, down from 60 seconds (default) and my battery is still dying very rapidly. I’m going to try and return mine to Amazon. There is no reason you should have to change setting from default to get a phone to work for more then 4 hours. Crazyness…

  15. I’ve had it for 6 months… battery recently started dying after 4 hours. Had Nokia look at it, flash the software test the battery, nothing changed! Returned the phone got a replacement, guess what still about 4 hours of life before it dies… I don’t use gps, wireless, bluetooth, media player, 3g or anything. I’ll never have another Nokia! Phone could be great but the battery life is simply Terrible.

  16. Since people are often complaining about the Nokia N95 battery life and since it’s my blog, here’s an update.

    I’m still getting 2-3 days between charges with my Nokia 95-3 (US version) – 3G on, Bluetooth off, some WiFi, some GPS, some camera, and some data use, but only occasional voice use.

    I was also getting 2-3 days between charges with my Nokia 95 (original version) – 3G off, Bluetooth off, some WiFi, some GPS, some camera, and some data use, but only occasional voice use.

    This works for me, and I now plenty of other N95 users that don’t have a problem with the battery life, so please stop complaining – I’m tired of it.

    Also, it takes several full charge/discharge cycles for the battery to reach full capacity.

  17. I bought my New Nokia 95-1 Classic last saturday. I am facing couple of issues first. battery drain in 6 hours believe me stand by time :( I never recieved any call I did nothing and the whole battery drained in 6 hours please help me I am feeling helpless after buying such expensive phone

    Second every time I open the phone it ask for DATE and TIME I am unable to set alarm as time get reset and alarm wont work if I switch off the phone and If I switch it on the battery get drained :(


  18. Hi all, I have had my N95 for about 5 months now and I find that the battery life is pitiful. I wanted to get away from S-E cos their’s was bad but this is worse. I took the first N95 back to the shop cos it was dying in about 6 hours but I have just accepted that I have to put up with random, frequent charges throughout the day. I am going to try turning off all the applications. I use the phone for approx 1 hour a day talking and 30 mins of browsing + a few texts. My fiance is pregnant and could pop any day now so I’m really worried about the phone dying when I need it most. Is there a battery upgrade available?

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