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Hello AirCard 860, goodbye BlackJack

Contrary to popular belief, I rarely get free devices to review! So after recently acquiring my Nokia N95, I decided to sell my Nokia N80 – I also decided to sell my Samsung i607 (BlackJack), and I acquired a Sierra Wireless AirCard 860

The AirCard 860 is extremely affordable and is HSDPA (1900/850MHz) and EDGE (quad-band) compatible. This is my first time owning a dedicated data card – mine is unlocked, and is working very well with both Cingular (HSDPA) and T-Mobile (EDGE) in Windows XP Pro.

I plan to test it in Linux (Ubuntu) as well :)

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  1. Oh dearest Tnkgrl… lol I’ve never used an aircard but was considering signing up for a service with Cingular. So far I’ve been using my devices to tether with, but sometimes that can be so annoying and prevent me from switching devices as much. Would you suggest this as a first for a laptop user?

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