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Neonode N1m first impressions

It’s been almost a month since I unboxed my Neonode N1m, but then my Nokia N95 came along and stole the show :)

Nonetheless, I’ve been playing with my N1m on and off, and I’m very impressed! It’s definitely a best kept secret device – Neonode’s touch-based user interface with gesture recognition (also featured on the upcoming N2) is extremely intuitive…

The phone even offers tactile feedback through the vibration feature when using the touch screen! Hmmm, I wonder if the iPhone works like that… Are you paying attention, Apple?

– Great touch-based user interface
– Fast operation
– Smartphone (Neno over Windows CE 5.0 .NET)
– Well made device
– Very small and light
– Good battery life
– Good music player (but no AAC support)
– Good HTML web browser
– Good GPRS performance
– Decent phone reception and audio quality
– USB mass storage device when powered off (with standard connector)
– USB charger

– Dim, scratch-sensitive screen
– So-so camera (1 megapixel)
– No Bluetooth
– No email client by default (but here’s one available for download)
– No speakerphone?
– No iSync support (but ActiveSync support)
– No Java support
– Tri-band GPRS only

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