Tasty bits – 18

That’s it, I give up! There’s no way I can ever match the level of detail of this Nokia N95 über-review :) Not to mention this multi-article review

On the topic of Symbian devices, the announced-forever-ago Nokia N75 is available is not available from Cingular AT&T – maybe the sexy Nokia N76 is a better choice at this point?

Also, Nokia just released a widget platform for S60, Sony Ericsson is supposedly working on yet another Walkman phone (possibly Symbian-based), and I’ll be attending the UIQ Fast Track here in San Francisco!

Not content with making me drool, Apple is now teasing me with pictures taken with the iPhone [just beware of the many stupid comments to that article]… With the iPhone release fast approaching, Meizu decided to update its design of the M8/miniOne.

The Google phone is confirmed yet again, complete with a concept rendering.

Apparently, there’s some confusion about whether the OQO Model 02 is actually shipping or is further delayed – perhaps my pristine Model 02 was just a figment of my imagination :)


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  1. The default N95 firmware has issues with WLAN’s that use WEP and don’t have SSID broadcast enabled. Currently only a UK update is available, i.e. change your model product code to Euro1 before downloading the fix from Nokia..

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