EVDO discount for OQO Model 02

How to get an EVDO discount (save $10 per month) for your OQO Model 02 in 10 easy steps :)

1) Visit the SERO website
2) Use “savings@sprint.com” for the Sprint employee email address
3) Select the Pantech PX-500 data card (free device, free shipping)
4) Select the unlimited data plan ($60 $50 per month, 2-year contract)
5) Checkout and finalize your purchase
6) Wait for “Order has shipped” email with your new phone number
7) Call Sprint technical support with your new phone number in hand
8) Change the ESN from the Pantech PX-500 to your OQO Model 02
9) Enjoy your EVDO discount on your OQO Model 02 today!
10) Sell your Pantech PX-500 on eBay tomorrow…


5 Responses to EVDO discount for OQO Model 02

  1. Wrecks says:

    Thanks for the free tip on getting a free Pantech card. I wonder if I can do this, then apply my 27% corp discount on top of that?

  2. anthonybuchanan says:

    You are awesome.

  3. zanesmurf says:

    Hi Tnkgrl,
    Fantastic! Will be doing this… eventually, whenever I get my Mod02

  4. […] so far the Model 02 is only available with EVDO from either Sprint or Verizon, and despite getting the SERO discount two weeks ago, I was not very excited with the idea of paying another bill beyond my existing […]

  5. John says:

    any chance you have another email for this offer to be valid? or any other deals?

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