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OQO Model 02 internals

After looking at this picture of the OQO Model 02 internals from the FCC documents, I’ve concluded a couple of things:

1) The Novatel EV620 EVDO mini PCIe card could be replaced with a Novatel EU 870D/860D (or Sierra Wireless MC 8755/8765/8775/8780/8781) HSDPA mini PCIe card with some SIM holder hackery

2) The Toshiba MK6008GAH 60 GB 1.8″ ZIF hard disk drive could be replaced with a Sandisk SSD_UATA_5000_18 64 GB 1.8″ ZIF solid state drive

Hmmm… This could just be my next project! Since I already have HSDPA with Cingular, I’m very motivated to have this working before the end of my trial period with Sprint :)

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  1. Is the Sandisk SSD5K-B8Z1-S032 32 GB 1.8″ ZIF solid state drive the largest (GB) for the OQO or does any other company has one larger. Are there any reviews on OQO (SSD HD) with VISTA and how much improvement we can expect in regards to speed and battery life improvements.

  2. I am thinking about dropping the $1000 needed to upgrade to a 32gb ssd. Do you know if the ux390n’s ssd will work in the OQO 02? Is so I may buy one and swap drives. Thanks for your help.

  3. The SSD memory uses the same power as the disk drive, reads are as fast, but writes are slower. Your OQO will run slower. Replacing the disk drive with a solid state drive is not recommended with the current level of technology.

  4. Dear tnkgrl
    I own an OQO 02 without an EVDO or HSDPA module,just the basic Wi-Fi and b/t.
    Is it possible to install an HSDPA module into said device? Have you made a detailed blog of this install? I’ve looked at your excellent site but I can’t find any detailed instructions,which means you either haven’t written one or I’m a complete idiot.
    A reply to that last statement is not required.
    If you could supply me with any info on this matter I would be most grateful.
    PS Do you know Rose Vines (Geek girl)? She’s my sister-in-law.
    Sydney Australia

  5. May I ask you please to help me to uninstall my hard drive ?

    – Should I pull the cable ?
    – Should I unscrew ?

    I have a 60GB, and would like a 120GB (HS122JB).
    Thank you,

  6. How to update hard disk drive ?

    Source model: 60GB Hitachi HTC426060GB8CE00 indicates the process to separate the hard disk and the cable. So it’s fine.

    New model: 120GB Samsung HS122JB
    Problem I have: I cannot insert the cable into the connector of the hard drive. I mean I don’t know !!!

    Could you please help me.

  7. Two questions where is the memory module on the oqo model 02? Can it be upgraded to 1GB or 2GB I have the 512 version running Windows 7. I don’t see anything on how to get to the memory just hard drive replacement stuff.

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