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Nokia N75 iSync plugin

Since Nokia decided that the N75 is not worthy of an iSync plugin, I went ahead and made one :) Simply download, unzip and copy to the /Library/PhonePlugins folder! After pairing your N75, run iSync, and select Devices|Add Device…


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  1. Works great. Note that the linking to the phnne must be acknowledged each time it is run, by pressing the left phone button when requested, with the phone closed..

  2. David, that’s not an iSync or plugin problem!

    Just set your computer as an authorized Bluetooth device on your N75 (in the Bluetooth menu on the N75 , in the “Paired devices” tab, select your computer from the list, press Options, select “Set as authorized”)…

  3. Hey guys thanks for the information. I created a “PhonePlugins” folder under HD/Library and dropped the package. Turned on Bluetooth and it recognized the phone. Clicked on Isync and added device but it tells me that “the device is not supported by Isync”. Did I do something wrong here?

  4. Hey – thanks a lot! It works!

    BTW, for those who have problems, you have to create a folder named PhonePlugins at that path if it doesn’t exist. Quit and restart iSync if you already had it open, and you’re all set.

  5. I installed, and everything seemed fine. But then I discovered that several of my calendars (specifically, calendars created by iGTD that contain my todo’s) don’t sync. I tried adding a “real” event to one of them to see if that forced a sync, but no go.

    Otherwise, address book seems ok, and other events seem ok.

    Any ideas?

  6. I’m having a problem setting this up. I have a directory in Library/Phones/ within the user level, but doesn this need to be replaced by the PhonePlugins/ instead?

    Thanks for the help in advance

  7. I tried this plugin with no help to get my nokia n75 synching with my mac. It can establish a connection with the phone but hangs after entering the ‘bluetooth mobile phone setup’ window, then disconnects from the thing altogether.

  8. Thank you so much.
    I did what was suggested and it worked great.
    note: Make sure u restart the iSync application after downloading the unzip.

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