Sony Ericsson K850i iSync plugin

Since Sony Ericsson failed to provide an iSync plugin for the K850i, I pieced one together. Just download, unzip and copy to the /Library/PhonePlugins folder! Then pair your K850i, run iSync, and select Devices|Add Device…


59 Responses to Sony Ericsson K850i iSync plugin

  1. Ben Wong says:

    Yep! Worked perfectly. Just downloaded, unzipped and dragged it into the Library/PhonePlugins folder. Well, the PhonePlugins folder didn’t exist so I creaed it. I did this in Leopard. Thanks for making this.

  2. Sam C says:

    thanks for that, it was starting to drive me screwy.

  3. Gary Priest says:

    Thanks very much for this! Been waiting ages for K850 support and now thanks to you I have it. :-) BTW This works just fine with Leopard.

  4. Jon Knowles says:

    Great! Really appreciate your efforts. Thanks man.

  5. Carl cahill says:

    you are an absolute hero, so easy to do! Really appreciate your efforts too! applause

  6. Al says:

    Leg end! a toe even!

  7. Richard says:

    How do I get this plug in, i need it soooo bad and I cant seem to get it from the link at the top…

  8. LinkoVitch says:

    Superbe, I was all of the sad when iSync said no, now it says yes! WIN!

    *doths cap etc*

    nice job

  9. soundsgood says:

    Thanks for that!
    The plugin works fine, but I have a problem with iCal: Every events appear one hour before the right time. Any idea?

  10. The Rich says:

    Awesome work, my Mrs is now a happy bunny!

  11. Thanks for your efforts. Works fine out here.

  12. accolon says:

    “The plugin works fine, but I have a problem with iCal: Every events appear one hour before the right time. Any idea?”

    I had the same problem, it’s because of a UTC vs. local time issue. I fixed it by opening MetaClasses.plist from the package (Ctrl+Click, Show package content) and changing the “hasTimeZone” key to “false”. You have to resync the calendar to your K850i.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Dave says:

    Thanx a bunch. I also had to create the folder but then it all went smoothly. And I was about to throw my new 850i out the window ;-)

  14. ForceLS says:

    U the man!!

  15. Marco says:


  16. anette says:

    This doesn’t work for me :( It says in isync “no devices found”… could it be because I have os x and not leopard?

  17. bine says:

    Worked like a charm with Mac OS X, version 10.4.11.


  18. Gavo says:

    Hi, all installed fine and seems to sync ok (data is transferred to phone), yet get the below message everytime – Any ideas? (running 10.4.11 on PowerMac dual G5)

    [W810i] Connection to the phone failed.
    Please make sure that your phone is turned on. If this error occurs again, please restart your phone. Device “W810i” synchronization failed

  19. Andy says:

    Didn’t work for me – using 10.4.11 – still tells me ‘device is not supported bt iSync’

    Any ideas?

  20. Gman says:

    Shut down address book and disconnect other bluetooth devices

    apart from that SHAWAMAZING plugin .. not a bug so far :)

  21. goldfinger says:

    the time in the phone calendar still appears one hour earlier than scheduled on the computer?

    i tried this but it did not help:
    opening MetaClasses.plist from the package (Ctrl+Click, Show package content) and changing the “hasTimeZone” key to “false”. You have to resync the calendar to your K850i.

    any other ideas?

  22. Lasse says:

    Thank you very much:D Helpe me out a lot!

  23. pekkers says:

    From the Feisar website:

    iSync Tips

    Below are some general iSync Tips which can help solve occasional issues with iSync. These tips apply both to phones supported natively by iSync or via an iSync Phone Plugin.

    * General tips for setting up a successful initial sync
    * Transferring existing Contacts from the phone
    * Make regular backups of your Address Book and iCal data
    * General problems with syncing
    * Problems with syncing Contacts
    * Problems with syncing Calendars
    * Calendar Events out of Sync
    * “The phone calendar is full” error
    * Contacts created on phone are not transferred to designated group
    * Contacts stored on the SIM card are not synced
    * First and Last name fields contain dots or dashes when synced to phone
    * Re-installing iSync

    General tips for setting up a successful initial sync

    From experience, we have found it is best to start with a fully up-to-date Mac Address Book and iCal, and a completely empty phone. Attempting to merge existing data on the phone and the Mac isn’t always successful.

    If you have existing contacts on the phone, transfer them to the Mac and import them into Address Book.

    Create a group in Address Book containing only the Contacts you actually need on the phone. Then open iSync, click on the icon for your phone and choose to sync only this group.

    There appears to be a bug in the Apple support for some phones (K800i & K610i especially) when syncing recurring events. iSync seems to ignore the “Don’t synchronize events after:” setting in iSync, meaning it will sync recurring events forever into the future, eventually filling the phones memory and failing. The Feisar iSync Phone Plugins do not suffer from this bug.

    Transferring existing Contacts from the phone

    If you have contacts already existing on your phone, that are not in your Mac Address Book, it is strongly recommended that you transfer them into Address Book before syncing for the first time.

    (If Contacts are stored on the SIM Card, please move them to the Phone Memory first).

    * On your phone, go to Contacts > More > Options > Advanced > Send all contacts > Via Bluetooth
    * This will send a file called “Whole Phonebook.vcf” to your Mac.
    * After the file has transferred, click the magnifying glass icon in the Incoming File Transfer window to locate the phonebook file on your Mac.
    * Double-click the .vcf file to import the Contacts into the Mac Address Book

    Make regular backups of your Address Book and iCal data

    It is very important to make regular backups of your Address Book and iCal data so that in the event of something happening during a sync, you can always easily revert to the backup.

    * In Mac OS X 10.4.x Address Book, choose Back up Address Book… from the File menu.
    * In Mac OS X 10.5.x Address Book, choose Export > Address Book Archive… from the File menu.
    * In Mac OS X 10.4.x iCal, choose Back up Database… from the File menu.
    * In Mac OS X 10.5.x iCal, choose Back up iCal… from the File menu.

    General Problems with syncing

    From time-to-time, you may experience issues with syncing, such as not all data syncing to or from the phone, or syncing failing before complete. There are a number of things that can cause this, and a variety of different potential fixes.

    First, always make a backup of your Address Book and iCal data as described above.

    See these Apple Technical Support documents:

    * iSync: Error message when synching phone via Bluetooth in Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later
    * iSync: Troubleshooting phone connections
    * iSync 2: Reset Sync History enables calendar and contact syncing

    Recommended Steps

    After each of the following suggestions, try syncing again to see if your problem is resolved:

    * Try turning Bluetooth off and on again via the BT menu, or preferences pane
    * Click Reset sync history… in iSync prefs
    * Choose Reset Device from the Devices menu
    * On your phone, choose Settings > General > Master reset > Reset settings.
    Bear in mind that this function may delete some pre-installed or downloaded content from your phone, so backup first.
    * Backup, then delete the SyncServices folder found in ~/Library/Application Support/

    Identifiying the cause

    If the above steps do not resolve your problem, you will need to do some troubleshooting to determine whether your Contacts or Calendars are causing syncing to fail.

    * Open iSync and click on the icon for the your mobile phone
    * Un-check the Calendars option, and try syncing.
    * If it syncs, go to the section on Problems with syncing Contacts below.
    * Un-check the Contacts option, and re-check Calendars, and try syncing.
    * If it syncs, go to the section on Problems with syncing Calendars below.

    Problems with syncing Contacts

    Here are the recommended steps for resolving problems with syncing Contacts. After each suggestion, try syncing again to see if your issue is resolved.

    * First, make sure you have tried the suggestions in the General problems with syncing section above.
    * Create a group in Address Book with only the contacts you actually need in. Then in iSync choose to sync only this group.
    * Click on your phone in iSync, then click More Options… and check the Only synchronize contacts with phone numbers option.

    If the above suggestions do not work, you may have some corrupt data in one or more of your Contacts, especially if you receive an error message similar to this in your iSync Log:

    Conduit Address Book generated exception NSInternalInconsistencyException: Type of value { identifiers = (”005CB3CB-945D-11D9-935D-00112479516E”); labels = (”_$!!$_”); primaryIdentifier = “005CB3CB-945D-11D9-935D-00112479516E”; values = (); } does not match property ‘Phone’ type 257. Can’t commit item EC776A4A-91ED-11D9-82C9-00112479516E:ABPerson.

    This error means there is a problem with the phone record of person “EC776A4A-91ED-11D9-82C9-00112479516E:ABPerson.” which doesn’t really help much.

    John Morgan has written a small utility, ABFinder, which will let you identify which contact this error refers to, by entering the long alphanumeric string into the ABFinder window. You can then remove or replace the corrupted data and try syncing again.

    ABFinder is freeware and available with a help file from here.

    Problems with syncing Calendars

    Here are the recommended steps for resolving problems with syncing Calendars. After each suggestion, try syncing again to see if your issue is resolved.

    * First, make sure you have tried the suggestions in the General problems with syncing section above.
    * Ensure you have at least one ‘local’ calendar, not just subscribed calendars.
    * Try disabling subscribed calendars, as these can often cause problems with corrupted events in them.

    Identifying corrupted Calendars

    If the above suggestions do not work, it is likely you have some corrupt data in one or more of your Calendars.
    To rectify this, you first need to identify which calendar(s):

    * Open iSync and click on the icon for your phone.
    * Temporarily uncheck the Contacts checkbox, so that you are only syncing Calendars.
    * Click the Selected radio button and uncheck all calendars except the top one.
    * Try syncing. If it syncs ok, check the next calendar in the list and try syncing. Repeat this process until you find out which calendar is causing the error.

    Fixing corruption in Calendars

    * First, make a backup of your iCal data by choosing the Backup database… command on the File menu.
    * Export the corrupted calendar from iCal using the Export… command (they will be saved as .ics files).
    * Delete the corrupted calendar from iCal, then quit and re-open the program.
    * Double-click the exported .ics calendar to import it back into iCal
    * In iSync check the box next to the Calendar you re-imported, and try syncing again.
    * If it syncs successfully, the problem is solved and you can re-enable Contact syncing.
    * If it fails, repeat this process with the next Calendar in the list to find possible corruption.

    One final thing to try

    * Backup, then delete syncState.plist and sync.plist from ~/Library/Application Support/iCal

    Calendar Events out of Sync

    If the Time Zone and Daylight Savings settings are not correct in your phone, you may experience the following:

    * Events are one or more hours early or late compared to what they are in iCal
    * All Day events may start at 11pm on the previous day, or end at 1am on the next day

    This is not a problem with your Mac or phone, and is easily fixed. In your phone go to Settings > Time & date and then adjust the Time zone and Daylight saving settings. You may need to experiment with the combination of settings until you find one that works.

    Date & Time Settings for the UK

    * Time zone should be set to GMT
    * From October to March Daylight saving (the same as BST) should be set to Standard time
    * From March to October Daylight saving should be set to Daylight saving.

    When the clocks change in March or October, just change the Daylight saving setting in your phone and re-sync.

    Please note, that any events before the last clocks change and after the next clock change will be out by one hour. This is a limitation in the way iSync and Sony Ericsson phones handle the clocks changing.

  24. tnkgrl says:

    @pekkers Thanks :)

  25. Mike Smith says:

    Which Library folder are you referring to as there are three, all of which do not contain a PhonePlugins folder. I want to make sure I choose the correct location to create the new folder.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. sharky says:

    absolute legend!!! thanks

  27. Richard says:

    Works a treat!
    I had a little trouble finding the PhonePlugins folder because it didn’t exist on my computer. In case anyone else has trouble go to /Users/yourname/Library and then create a folder called PhonePlugins easy!

  28. Katmatui says:

    THANKS A LOT MAN!!!!!!!

    It shure worked PERFECTLY!!!!

  29. Ken Riley says:

    Great man – thanks

  30. cosimo says:

    You’re a star! thanks :-)

  31. ade says:

    Brilliant, thanks so much.

  32. yesproductions says:

    Anyone got any idea how I get the phone to sync with iphoto with this plug in. I sync can see the phone… And thanks for the lug in. It worked a treat. P.

  33. Simon says:

    Thanks. It worked like a charm until we switched to daylight saving time :( Now all Appointments are one hour too early. The only solution I found is leaving daylight saving on “standard time” and then enter the actual time. Not a nice solution though, but since automatic time zone settings and such do not work here in Germany I’d have to switch standard/daylight manually anyways.

  34. John says:

    I downloaded the K850i iSync plug-in, put it in the phoneplugins, but it doesn’t work.
    I have osx 10.5.3 , any clue? Please help, thanks.

  35. John says:

    Sorry, osx 10.5.2

  36. Matt says:


    does the sync work both ways? i only seem to get my phone events on my mac

  37. poolish says:

    wooo it worked yay

  38. Kevin says:

    Does not work with Leopard mac? I tried everything other users say, i.e. creating Plugins folder, but nothing works.

  39. jesse says:

    I’ve just tried to sync my New W660i – got a new one from SE since the old one died…
    and all of a sudden I get the message thar Isync wont work with my phone. Allthough I’m able to browse the phonde via Bluetooth It won’t sync my contacts.

  40. torben says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you!

  41. Ashley Moran says:

    Awesome, thanks for doing this!

  42. alberto ganitsky says:

    unzipped and got a folder named SonyEricsson-K850.phoneplugin taht one has another folder within named contents. This one has one folder named resources and 2 files. The resources folder has 3 .plist files and a tiff one. What do I drag to the phone plug-in list folder I created on my leopard 10.5.4?

    I haven’t been able to make it work, I’m getting an “iSync cannot connect to this device” warning…

    My bluetooth shows the K850i is paired but not connected..

  43. Andrew Swift says:

    Thanks a lot this is great :)

  44. PH says:

    Awesome, thanks a lot ! :)

  45. janito says:

    You are wunderbar. Great!

  46. Tom says:

    You rule! Works flawlessly.

  47. Adam Wilson says:

    Thanks – another :-)

    Had to quit and restart iSync but then it worked without probs.

  48. Lexi says:

    LEGEND! Thank you for not charging for your plugin. I too was having problems at first, I created a folder called Phone Plug-ins, dragged you’re folder in. Nothing. Then renamed my folder to PhonePlugins and restarted iSync and it worked! Thank you so much again!

  49. Rich says:

    Incredible – it just works!!

    It’s great stuff like this that make Mac’s so bloomin amazing – thank you!!

  50. anung says:

    w700 please…

  51. mark says:

    worked for me ! I had given up and then found one on the sony ericsson site. that didnt work! I found another one and that didnt work either but your code works great on isync3.02 and leopard 10.5.6
    thanks a lot!

  52. George says:

    Great Plugin worked first time, apart from the ical time issue but that was fixed with the help from accolon ^^

  53. Ammar says:

    Hey worked just as you said apart from the hour/ahead problem. But easily rectified as described by goldfinger. Thanks a lot

  54. Fissmoll says:

    Thanx man!

  55. Jhonny Boy says:

    Work’s Perfect !!!
    Thanks Man !.

  56. Pablo says:

    Works like a charm. This is beautiful!

    Only thing that could possibly be better would be syncing Address Book pictures with Phpne contact pics, but that’s nitpicking a bit too much.

    Thanks for making this available to the comminuty

  57. Andrew says:

    Yay!! Thanks so much… :-)

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