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Vulcan Flipstart HSDPA mod

Recently, a member of (where I’m a moderator) lent me his Vulcan FlipStart and Fujitsu LifeBook U810 for me play with!

Last year I published an HSDPA mod for the OQO Model 02. Today I bring you an HSDPA mod for the Vulcan FlipStart :)

This time, instead of taking pictures, I decided to stream live video:
Part 1 covers disassembling the FlipStart and replacing EVDO with HSDPA
Part 2 covers reassembling the FlipStart and testing the result

I used the mini-PCIe card from my Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U together with the Sierra Wireless 3G Watcher.

Other than my connection (apparently) getting throttled by AT&T, everything ended up working pretty well…

I’d like to publicly thank the intrepid member of who lent me both devices!

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  1. Hello there,

    I saw your video of the hack you did with the Sierra Aircard USB. I was pretty impressed. But I thought if you could help me. I have busted my Sierra wireless card as the USB module on the card is broken and I cant seem to find another way to fix it. I saw that you put yours to trash. Please if possible can you send me that usb module via mail as it would make my life easier. PLease you can email me back on

  2. Hi
    I tried your HSDPA mod on my FS and it will not work. After I insert the Sierra MC 8775 card (one is an unlocked and another from ATT), the system will recognize the card as an HP wireless HSDPA modem, but will not install drivers to it. When I try to update driver it does not accept it. The behavior is the same for both cards and I just did a clean reinstall of hte operating system and it still does the same Please help.

    • Thanks Tnkgrl
      Third card was the charm. Got hold the same Aircard you used in your mod and it worked like a charm.
      Thank you again

  3. Hi Tnkgrl
    I’m hoping to do the HSDPA mod on my FLIPSTART.
    Can you kindly provide a link to the video as current links are dead

  4. Hi,

    Could you also provide me with a link to the video as the current links are dead.

    I just got the MC8775 and would really like to add HSDPA to my Flipstart.

  5. Hi Myriam,

    Discovered you site doing a research on Flipstart mods, and yours is clearly the one I wanted to do (in fact made by a friend of mine….)

    As stated , the links do not function. Can you make the video available again, to use it as a “in the real” tutorial.

    Thanks in advance and greetings from France


  6. Thanks a lot in advance, it will add a super feature here in Europe to my “lonely” flips !

    By the way, as you already dismanteld the machine, do you think it is possible to change the HD, say … for a SSD ?



    • Yes, it’s easy to do, just remove the bottom cover. The hard drive is standard 1.8″ PATA with ZIF connector. SSDs are available in this form factor.

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