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Amazon Kindle vs. Seabol & friends

Once a upon a time in the good land of milk & honey lived a band of happy gadgets. The leader of the band, Seabol, took it upon himself to keep a loving eye on the others, a MacBook Air, an HP Mini-note, an iPhone, and an alien gadget from another planet, the Nokia N95-3

The band’s benevolent dictator was always very nice to all of them. She made sure no unwanted gadgets from the dark land far far away joined the band.

One fateful night, an evil gadget, the Amazon Kindle, somehow infiltrated the band, unbeknown to the benevolent dictator. It first attacked the iPhone, which managed to escape, being so thin and slippery.

The Kindle jumped on the MacBook Air, but was foiled by its strong aluminum shell. it then pounced on the HP Mini-note, but was blinded by its glossy frameless screen.

Something needed to be done. The Kindle was about to consume the Nokia N95-3 when Seabol jumped to the rescue. Within seconds, the Kindle was foiled and Seabol & friends prevaled!

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  1. Little did those other gadgets know that their dictator was actually evil and had planned to sell them all at a small profit on e-Bay the following day.

    The Kindle was trying to liberate them, and take them back to a land where all gadgets are treated equal and have equal opportunity to be used for positive reading experiences.

    If you want to save the Kindle from Seabol and “friends,” visit [data embargo] today!

  2. @ProKindle, LOL! That’s an excellent followup…

    I redacted your comment because I prefer to keep my blog advertising free (links to non-commercial websites are OK).

    I’m sure most readers can read between the lines, however :)

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